Thai food recommend


Kang Khew waan ( Green curry ) 

   To mixes with coconut milk basil leafe and Thai curry you can chose with chicken pork beef or prawn .

Shrimps  cake  ( Tord man Kung ) 

  This kind of food will looked like donut but very good for apitizer .

Tom yam  ( Kung )

     This is thai soup style to cook with thai curry and little spicy  with teasty  . Most use prawns to be mixed for soup .

Pad Thai 

   It is kind like fried noodle with shrimps and salty radish with green onion and nuts . To eat with peace of lemon and baby banana . 


   It is  red curry with coconut milk and thai spicy fried with beef pork or prawn .


      This food is a curry  to cook by indian curry in thai style ; to use some potatoe beef pork or chicken and nuts with onion but not spicy . 

Pad phong kareeh ( Fried yellow curry ) 

     They use yellow curry fried with prawn or chicken and put some onion inside  . This quite be good selling  too . 

Yum sea food ( sea food Salad ) 

     Salad in Thai style is little spicy and most use onion mint fresh chili and fishes sauce mixed with lemon  and  garlic pickle sauce . 

Kho Pad ( Fried rice ) 

      Most we use  egg prawns garlic and green onion with salt and soy sauce to mixed together and put some salt after . Then decor with tomatoes and cucumber to mixed with some lemon sauce . 

Pad Phak rum mitt 

     We use many vegetable to fried with garlic and oyster sauce  .

Pad Chah Taley 

   This food you can use just fishes or seafood to cook , to mixed with kaffir lime leaf , finger root . And this food quite be little spicy , but  good for health .

Chooh Cheeh 

    You can chose fishes or prawn . For this food will cook with kind like yellow curry and soy sauce with kaffir lime leaf on top with coconut milk . 

 Laab I-san 

    This is you can chose pork ( Laab Mooh ) Chicken ( Laab Kai ) or Beef ( Laab nueh ) . They use curry from northeast part of thailand to cook this food will have taste same like Lao food and very special to eat with green salad .



Fruits Season advice

Rambutan ( เงาะ )

Mango teen ( มังคุด )

Dorian ( ทุเรียน )

Mango ( มะม่วง )

Lychee ( ลิ้นจี่ )

Water melon ( แตงโม )

Dragon fruit ( แก้วมังกร )

Sugar Apple ( น้อยหน่า )

Long Kong ( native fruit )  ( ลองกอง )

Salasider ( ระกำ ) 


     * If you like to see photo have to copy thai words to find out image in google *



Thai Desert


woon' ( coconut jelly ) ( วุ้นกะทิ )

     this is kind like jelly to mixed with coconut milk .

Khao Tomh Mad ( ข้าวต้มมัด )

   This desert is made by sticky rice wrapping with banana and nuts to wrap with banana leaf .

Bua Loy Khai waan ( บัวลอยไข่หวาน )

     Have to use water about two liter and sugar with coconut and duck's eegs and finger root . 

Salimh ( สะหริ่ม )

 this kind make with kind like noodle glass and coconut milk they have process to make it smelly with jusmine flower .

Thong yip Thong yord ( ทองหยิบ ทองหยอด )

This use just yellow eegs with sugar to mixed longer become peace . 

Tah Koh  ( ขนมตะโก้ )

   This desert is very special to used taro to mixed with coconut milk become sauce and drop on banana leaf .

Khao neaw dang ( ข้าวเหนียวแดง )

This kind of deseart have to use red sugar mixed with sticky rice and coconut milk with sesame seed .

Kha nom Chanc ( ขนมชั้น )

  This desert have to use some cassava to mixed become jelly and make many floor . They use kind like pandanas leaf to mixed to make smelly .

Peak Poon ( ขนมเปียกปูน )

  It is kind like Kha nom Chanc but use black color from coconut burned 

Lod Chong ( ลอดช่อง )

   This desert have to make like Salimh But just put more coconut milk to make tasty .

Tropical cocktails

Phuket paradise

mixed Gin , white rum , Maekhong ,  Blue ,  Contreau , Pine apple juice ,  lemon juice  +7 ups on top .

Mai Tai

Mixed = Black rum ,  White rum   ,  Orange lique ,  Contreau ,  Maekhong ,  orange juice ,  pine apple juice , Grenedine ,  syrub ,  Lemon Juice