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My name is Mike, and I am an engineer. I am not a professional writer, especially not with writing ads. But what I had to tell you is so important for your future that I just had to tell you all about it. So if you will just give me a few minutes here…

Let me start by telling you I have wanted to become an engineer all my life. I just love how engineers are responsible in designing important things; make things that are essential to all our lives. Not to mention that engineers are professionals and held a very competitive wage.

Needless to say, that is where my big problem lies…

Trouble is, getting into engineering school is HARD! I was an average student back then in high school. Well… might be a little bit below the average. I always wanted to balance my education with my social life, but it seems like it can never be done. And even worse, many of my classmates who wanted to be engineers are getting near perfect scores in the sciences and math courses!

Sound at all familiar?

That is why I decided to do something about this. I wanted to create a simple, yet extremely effective learning system that allows me and my friends to get awesome grades, dream degree and the career of our choice.

Truthfully, I wasn’t sure if it was possible to create such system but I went ahead regardless to pursue my research and my dreams. It was not a smooth path at all, as many of my classmates laugh at me when they know of my endeavors, saying why I should waste my time on such system when I have a lot of other things to worry about.

But I knew there had to be a way…and I finally found it…

Who said studying for final exams in high school has to be hard and time consuming?

I have put a proven system for you to optimize your study results and lessen your study time. That’s right; you can get better grades while studying

less. To top it off, you can use this system while you are on the train, on the bus and even while you are just waiting for your friends!

And guess what? I am going to give this whole system to you for FREE!

Yes, this system is free. I provide this system to you not because I want money, but because I want to help you to succeed.

Well, in this site, you will find course notes, video lectures, applications and resolved problems as well as my contact information so that you can contact me for homework solutions or possibly a tutorial session.


Here are the courses that I am going to cover:

-        - Grade 12 Chemistry

-        - Grade 12 Biology

-        - Grade 12 Physics

-        - Grade 12 Math

-        - Grade 12 Calculus

-        - Grade 12 Computer Programming

-        - Grade 12 Social Studies

And these are all being taught for free!

Our Experience Shows!

Of course, I know that it sounds too good to be true…

I bet you are thinking that “this can’t really work” or “He is going to force me to pay somewhere…”. But, all I have to say is: “It really does work and it is free!”

Yes it’s true! I know you are not going to believe me, and I won’t force you to believe in me – so here are a few people who have had me tutored using this system and what they had to say:

Mike is a very talented tutor. I failed grade 12 math and was very hopeless during that time. I really want to become an accountant, but it seems to be impossible to reach given my grades. This is when I met Mike; he taught me how to study and what to look out for during exams. From then on I began to follow his system and have been successful ever since. Now, I am in my second year as a business major with a specialization in Accounting.”

Emily G. Canada


You have a very special way in teaching the subjects indeed! Many people emphasize on going through textbooks page by page, but you would tell us to skip the mumbo jumbo and strategically study what is actually on the exam! This is like studying on blitzkrieg. You know Mike, I do hate writing, but I have to testify just how awesome your methods are!

Larry V. Canada


So what’s the catch? Why am I giving this system away for free?

Well, it’s actually quite simple. I want to share my knowledge and experience to students right now who are talented but just don’t know how to study. And of course, there is something for me as well. I want to build my brand and become a successful mentor for this learning system. So I want you to pass the word along that such a system does exist and it would allow you and others to live your dreams.

It is all free, so you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Is that fair or what! Aren’t you tired in studying day and night without the slightest hope that you can succeed? If so, why not turn the time you spend in transportation, waiting or even between classes into your prime study time and get great result without losing your social life?

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You will gain access to the legendary learning system. Use these notes and exercises in your home, during work, riding the bus or even waiting for friends!

Here is to you and your future!