Places and How to Promote

After writing, editing, and publishing your articles the next thing you need is traffic. Traffic is very important for your bottom line. Unless you took just flat pay rate for the article, the traffic that visit your article will have some type of affect on the money earned.

Bookmarking, sharing on answer boards, posting on social sites, and even writing your own review or similar content with links to your other articles will all help to get more traffic to your article.

One important thing to NOT do.. Do Not Spam. What is Spam? Follow this link to learn more.

More coming. If you know of some sites we missed you can contact us to have the site added.

bebo a socail networking site.

Digg place to share content online with other readers. If people like what is submitted they call it digg. The more people digg your submitted links the more traffic you will your article.

FaceBook another great place to post article links. A great place to talk to friends and family.

FriendFeed a place to post links, kind of like twitter.

MySpace another great place to post article links. Talk to friends and family and post update about whats going on in your like.

Ning Soical networks. "is the social platform for the world's interests and passions online." is a nice tool bar add on. With just one post you can promote your article to multiple sites. It will post to site like facebook, twitter, myspace, Ning, blogger, friendfeed, tagged, and many more.

Plurk a social journal. A great way to share links.

She Told Me is a great place to post your articles like when a description. You can make more money on She Told Me from ads placed on your page with the article description.

Submit Express will submit your site to the search engines for you. The more people can find you in online searches the more traffic you will get.

Twitter is a place to post your article links. You can make money off Twitter by using link shortners. Like linkbee.

Xomba a place to write and share article. You can make additional money here with your google adsense.