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Freelancing, Outsourcing and Web Hosting


It's the management of service buyer applications and information technology (IT) systems outside their working area(freelancing if for service provider).Service buyer strategically partner with service provider to manage and operate your applications and IT  systems, under a mutually beneficial agreement(bidding). The IT outsourcing agreement may include the transfer of IT employees and/or IT assets(files) to service provider(freelancer). The following partner sites provides service level assurances to ensure quality of service is attained and measured.

Outsourcing gives the service buyer access to technical scale and expertise that few organizations and persons possess on their own.

Get started today - it may just workout for you. click on all this links below for your own self selection service benefit.

A very good site for managers/employer who want to know how the contractor is working on his project. you can hire/work hourly or fixed rate. All you need is to clearly understand how the website offer its service by passing a simple site using test (retake as much as you like). it is optional to take skill test but advisable.

Free to join  with a lot of service provider and jobs. need to take a test for the website use if you are a client/employer.

For service providers/employee, this sites allow you to create a free profile to tout your skills and experience, and take assessment tests to certify your skill level for prospective clients. You can also view postings of opportunities and bid on appealing projects, determining your own hourly or project rate. ( project fees can range from $50 to design a logo to more than $10,000 to develop a Web site.)


User friendly site for all jobs posting. join as a service buyer or as a programmer


Good programing and general outsourced job site.


Well arranged jobs and very user friendly.


You need to take skill test if you are the service provider. free for employers.

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