Security Education

On this page, you will find some basic information about our Security Education & Teaching Services (SeTs) with links to courses currently available.  

Security & Risk Management (SRM)

Organizational Security and Risk Management courses. These are educational on-line courses to complement and/or supplement your basic education. Whether you need extra information on the topics, or, just an insight and overview for possible future studies, these courses provide a good way to gain a good understanding that enhances your future studies or job acquisition chances.

Security Operational Skills (SOS)

Informative on-line education and practical training tailored for security professionals working in the areas of security supervision and 'Loss Prevention', such as in retail establishments, hotels and other customer service and relationship oriented work. These can be studied in a stand-alone format for informational purposes or studied in conjunction with practical Training and tuition to provide a combination of academic and practical training, spiced with personal experience on the job.

  • Assault Awareness and Risk Management (A.A.R.M.) eCourses and classes. 
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  • Customised Skills Enhancement Training Sessions (SeTs) and classes for security staff. Go to >>

Personal Protection and Security (PPS)

Professionally designed self-defence training (In-Class) and personal security management Web-based Training (WbT) and eLearning (WbTeL) courses, pamphlets and other instructional productions on all things related to personal security management and self-defence.

  • Assault Awareness and Risk Management (A.A.R.M.) eCourses and classes for the work-place
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  • Self-defence training classes for special interest groups. Go to >>