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Chris Spencer

  • APT, Parkour & Self-defense Instructor, Security & Risk Management Teacher, Systems Development & Project ManagerQualified Vocation Teacher for Higher-Education (IPTE)
  • M.Sc. Security & Risk Management
  • Certified Protection Officer (IFPO) ;
  • Järjestyksenvalvoja (Security Supervision & Screening, 2001-2015), 
  • Vartija/Kaupan Vahtinmestari (Security Guard/Store Detective, 2008-2010)
  • Qualified Self-defense instructor (Jiu Jitsu, 1987) 
  • Authorised Personal Trainer (APT)
  • Qualified VOK1 Parkour Instructor (SPY) ;Coach & PT Profile
  • Certified English Language Teacher (TEFL) ;
  • Dynamic Physical Education, School afternoon clubs coaching (SKY) ;
  • Systems development, course & events planning & project management

Chris is a friendly and open-minded higher-education and training services professional with a wide spectrum of professional experience ranging from Personal Trainer and club coaching to security supervision/guarding, vocational teaching, process and project management experience. He is a highly creative and innovative instructor who has developed and implemented security courses for a local Finnish University of Applied Sciences degree programme, and, his own self-defence training and education programmes, now under the flag of Lii-Kan Jitsu, since 1987. More recently this has culminatied more in Dynamic Physical Education programmes for schools, school afternoon clubs and adult customers alike. You can find more information about the art(s) of Lii-Kan Jitsu from the link in the left-hand column of these  homepages.

Education and qualifications include a B.A. honours degree in Business Studies majoring in Financial Modelling, an M.Sc. degree in Security and Risk Management, a Vocational Teacher qualification for adult and higher education, and a number of other job training courses and work experience ranging from security supervision, screening and guarding to I.T. project management, Instructional Design and web-based learning. 

As 'An Englishman in Helsinki. Balded but unbowed,' He can offer a truly international cultural outlook and new perspectives on many subjects. 

Teemu Turkulainen

Teemu Turkulainen
Teemu is also a friendly and open-minded person, an electrician by his original trade and a highly experienced salesman who builds/repairs summer cottages in his spare time. He is also an experienced security supervisor of almost 10 years standing, and a long time student of Lii-Kan Jitsu who appears in some of our favourite training videos  (e.g. 1 minute hero) from years past. 

He has a strong interest in nutrition and sports supplements for general health, fitness and strength training. He is constantly learning and studying to push back the envelope professionally and works in many capacities, including content creation and assisting in group instruction for our clubs, Assault Awareness & Risk Management (AARM) courses and other training programmes and services. 

Ricardo Carranza

Ricardo Carranza, Street Dance master teacher
Ricky is an entrepreneur and formidable dance teacher, mostly in street dancing, including break-dancing. He has extensive experience as a professional dancer, choreographer and filmmaker. To date, he has made two dance films about street dance, 'Beyond, HipHop' and 'Beyond the Block', which are fast becoming standard-bearers in dance education circles/institutions.

Both his masterful dance teaching and the film making capabilities combine well with the SeTs' core expertise in Parkour, self-defense (+security & risk management), fitness and strength training to create formidable combined art training (CAT) programmes in collaboration with his own association, SDI ry (Style Dance Industry). He is the founder & owner of several annual film and dance festivals from Hollywood and Los. Angeles to Norway, Finland and beyond.

You can find more information about him and, SDI ry, in his own words from the StyleDanceIndustry link in the left-hand column of these pages.

Despite our wide range of current abilities, we are always seeking new ways to combine and develop our programmes, products and service delivery methods.

Together there is very little we cannot achieve, making us a hard combination to beat. 
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