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Periodic Table

The Security Periodic Table by IFSEC Global

Periodic Table of Security

The topics and areas of expertise touch on by security and risk management know no bounds, and with such limitless requirements and scope, the concept of 'Borderless Learning' takes on a special significance. We cannot possibly keep on top of every aspect of security, which, is why we need and have specialists. Perhaps, however, we can keep on top of the functionalities, principles and processes that underlay all aspects of business, security and risk management. In this way, we can and must learn to Play, Explore and Discover information, skills, connections and relationships in order to Bridge the Gap between the various 'Knowledge Silos.'  

To do this 'prescription teaching' is just not good enough. We need to constantly refresh our knowledge and skills in the core aspects and hone our ability to develop knowledge and skills when need be. An important part of achieving this is through a good understanding of learning development, project management processes & security management principles, patterns and processes. These provide the base pulse rate that indicates underlying societal health traits and sets, and, are somewhat more constant and stable than the more superficial aspects such as current statistical peaks and troughs, bye-laws and other temporal and localised conditions that can be equated with the upper pulse rate indicating the current societal health states and trends. SeTs can help you with this by bringing together expertise from across the board (Periodic Table) on cross-disciplinary courses developed to help you play, explore and (re)discover the chosen topics of study.

'Together we stand, Divided we fall'

Together we can put the PED back into 'Pedagogy' and our Learning Environments (LE) with which to PEDLE on into a brighter future.


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