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Sofa Jitsu

posted 28 Jan 2021, 10:10 by Lii-Kan Jitsu   [ updated 4 Feb 2021, 05:33 by SeTs ry TEAM ]

Covid is still affecting services with continued lockdowns, this one now in its 3rd month here in Finland, the homeland of social distancing culture! 

But don't let that stop us, Creatives Unite!... and get creative

Calling all Covid Sofa Spuds,  Unite and get creative! 
Jiu Jitsu, Parkour or fitness training etc., it's all possible in your own home without ever even getting off your sofa.

Watch this inspirational demo from the Lii-Kan Jitsu Club and you'll have no more excuses...

Get on your sofa!

Sofa Jitsu Inspiration Demo

Join EDDI on Saturday 30th, 2021

posted 28 Jan 2021, 10:04 by Lii-Kan Jitsu

The EDDI festival is nearing conclusion of phase 1 with the Short Dance Films event this Saturday, 30th January 2021. Please see the EDDI website or Facebook page for more info about show-streaming timetable.

Due to Covid conditions, continued lockdowns etc. the Mobile Phone Happy Dance competition has been postponed/extended to coincide with the LIve Stage Digi-Dance competition in Autmn 2021. That means you now have plenty of time to get creative with fun and happy dance videos for your chance to win some handy pocket cash prizes.

For more info, contact SDI ry @ info @

Submissions open for EDDI

posted 13 Oct 2020, 06:30 by SeTs ry TEAM   [ updated 22 Oct 2020, 01:01 ]

Digi-Dance Mobile Phone and Short Film competition & festival

Espoo Digi-Dance International (EDDI)

EDDI is an international digital-dance competition and festival, based in Espoo, Finland, for short dance films and mobile phone videos (Instagram style). The festival is sponsored by Espoo City where the main event will be held.

Substantial cash prizes, film screenings of live performances at the main event (Sat 30.1.2021) along with dance workshops, film show & award presentations. There are no age limits, though depending on demographics of the entries received, award categories will be based on competition type, region, and age groups.

Three competitions:
  1. HAPPIEST DANCE Mobile Phone video (instagram style)
  2. Short Dance Film
  3. Digital Dance Performance

The EDDI competitions are open for submissions now, and until 27.11.

Main event / Festival on Saturday 30th, January 2021. Venue details to be notified nearer the time.

Submissions & more info at:

Enquiries to Style Dance Industry (SDI ry) at:

EDDI Digi-Dance Competition & Film Festival


posted 30 Sept 2020, 01:23 by SeTs ry TEAM

Helsinki Education Film Festival International (HEFFI)

from 26.9. to 4.10. On-Line Live Streaming on Facebook:

Short educational films festival with final event Saturday - Sunday 3-4.10.
Films, discussions, presentations and more info at:

Live Stream


Kamppaillen Kuntoon!

posted 17 Sept 2020, 23:59 by SeTs ry TEAM   [ updated 17 Sept 2020, 23:59 ]

We have just launched a new functional fitness training programme starting at Easyfit in Pitäjänmäki on Wednesdays at 17:30 to 18:30. It is a contextual and concept based programme designed to facilitate experiential learning at the same time as getting into shape. 

If you would be interested in hosting our programme at your venue/ fitness centre, contact us.

Fighting Fit is…

Your path to a more secure & healthier life. A guided programme of functional fitness & strength training in the context of both self-defense training and professional exercise programmes to get the best of both worlds. The training  programme  includes  circuit & interval training spiced with real  & practical self-defense skills for greater efficiency & effectiveness.

As the Finns might say...

Kampaillen Kuntoon, meillä!

Authorised & Independent Personal Trainer

posted 11 Aug 2020, 05:12 by SeTs ry TEAM   [ updated 13 Aug 2020, 02:28 ]

Our teaching staff are now Authorised Personal Trainers independent from any specific Fitness chain. We have already agreed a cooperative contract with Easyfit Pitäjänmäki gym to provide PT services for them whilst also providing SeTs ry with a suitable homebase for our own independent programmes and customers. More about the Easyfit arrangements in the near future.

We have also attained a couple of other gyms for use as training centers spread out along the Mannerheimtie and Vihdintie road corridor from Helsinki to Vantaa. Others may come into use at a later date depending on demand and feasibility.

Service locations, products and other information will be published on this site in the very near future.

SeTs ry Collaborative Programmes

posted 11 Aug 2020, 05:02 by SeTs ry TEAM

We are pleased to announce that as of August 2020, we have formerly created an association by the name of SeTs ry to provide training and education for both our members, and members of the public via clubs, classes and school afternoon groups. To this end we are continuing our collaboration with Sporttia kaikille ry (who provide free sports and physical education activities kids and after-achool activitiy groups) such as our Budolop club at the Kaivoksella school that restarts on 5th September, and, will announce further service products when they are ready for release later this year. 

We are also pleased to announce that we will also be collaborating closely with SDI ry to create powerful and combined dynamic physical education programmes and clubs ranging from strength and fitness training to street arts in general. Street Arts include self-defense, parkour and street dancing of all kinds, including break-dancing (Breaking). 

You can find a link to SDI ry in the menu on the left side of the screen.

Sporttia Group Coaching

posted 4 Jan 2020, 03:52 by SeTs ry TEAM

As from October 2019, SeTs started working as  Group Coach for Sporttia Kaikille ry.

Sporttia organises general sports activities for school groups and more specialist afternoon clubs, free for local youth in the Vantaa area. 

Current projects we are involved in include school general activity groups, Parkour, self-defence and football clubs/groups for local youth. 

No News!

posted 4 Jan 2020, 03:45 by SeTs ry TEAM   [ updated 12 Jan 2020, 05:07 ]

Some times, no news is good news ;)

Parkour Instructor (VOK1)

posted 4 Jan 2020, 03:19 by SeTs ry TEAM

SeTs has just completed in December 2019, a Parkour Instructor course with the Suomen Parkour ry. The qualification is for group coaching of Parkour at the VOK 1 level.

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