Dynamic Physical Education

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Classes and Afternoon Clubs

On this page, you will find information about our combined Parkour and Jitsu training programmes and, afternoon clubs, and, download an application form.
                  1. Ask your class teacher or  Contact Us (by email)
                  2. Complete the membership application form (MAF) attached at the bottom of this page and bring it with you to the club on your first visit.
                  3. Call in at the club and watch for a while to get familiar with us and our activities.

Dynaamiset liikunnanopitukset suomeksi

School Afternoon Budolop Clubs

The school afternoon Budolop clubs are not just about learning fighting techniques and skills, but, include practical psychology and other skills useful for conflict prevention and management, collaboration, learning, and other social skills. Unlike other sports, and combat sports, in particular, these skills and Mind SeTs are not incidental to the activity or otherwise left to chance. They are deliberately taught and practiced as an integral part of the art of self-defense and our personal security and risk management system. All this is fused with Parkour training for extra fitness, strength, and mobility. The combination of Parkour & self-defense training supports several objectives:

  1. Keep the kids off the streets (after school) and doing something productive instead of playing computer games, smartphones & tablettes.
  2. Learn how to cope with and protect themselves from bullying and general teasing etc. 
  3. Develop students' physical fitness in a practical way. I.e. functional fitness and strength. 
  4. Develop students' self-confidence and fear management skills. I.e. to have faith in themselves.

Generally speaking, we can say that we learn about 'life', and we practice 'Life Skills for Life'. 

Short Video Presentations

  • Kalajärvi koulu (School)

    • Dynamic Physical Education Lessons [7 mins], [15 mins], [35 mins]
      • Finland 100 years Independence celebrations (Suomi100 Liikkuva koulu) demovideo [30 mins]
  • YouTube Video

    Budolop (Self-defence + Parkour & more)

  • Kalajärven koulun 'Budolop club in action' videos:

  • Budolop & Parkour-Jitsu

    Self-defence based on Japanese Jiu Jitsu. Specifically, Japanese Jiu Jitsu combined and integrated with Chinese Kung Fu to create a KungFu-JiuJitsu style we call Shorinjitsu. This core style is further augmented with Kyusho (nerve / vital point training) to provide a more practical, naturally flowing and mobile system of self-defence (3 dan black belt / 30+ years teaching experience).  More information about how Parkour and Break-dancing relate to self-defence training can be found on the  'Side Arms' page of the Lii-Kan Jitsu website.

    Lii-Kan consists of two words Lii and Kan that are the names of two symbols in the I Ching (Book of changes) representing Fire and Water respectively. In the Finnish language, however, the resulting style name is rather close to another Finnish word with a somewhat different meaning, so we often hyphenate the name to Lii-Kan for the sake of the local language and market ;-).

    Lii-Kan Jitsu - 21 years review

    To supplement the core system:

    • The modern style/school also utilises basic break-dancing for improved fitness, body control, and movement/mobility skills. Many of the moves closely relate to self-defense techniques allowing us to augment and enhance our technical skills at the same time. More information and videos can be found on our 'Side Arts' page.

    • The learning programme includes situational control (qualified guard & security supervisor since 2001), anti-bullying skills, security, and risk management in general. As a qualified vocational teacher for higher-education (HAMK/IPTE) in security and risk management (M.Sc.), we could also collaborate with the school security governance boards in the design. 

    • We hope that, with some help from the schools, we can (I.e. The school pays for the trip ;), take the club members out on special excursions to, e.g., Superpark or the  Parkour Centre for a little extra-training activity once a month or term. Otherwise, the options are that the parents pay the costs if we cannot find a business sponsor between us. We call these 'Skills Enhancement Training Sessions' (SeTs). See an example with this SeTs video

    YouTube Video

    Self-defense training is not the same as kickboxing or other similar 'combat sports', in fact, quite the opposite. Combat sports are individualistic and ego-centric activities all about winning and beating others in pursuit of fame, trophies, and other extrinsic rewards. Self-defense training and knowledge are inextricably bound to Asian cultures but, nowadays also updated for our own western values and social circumstances. 

    The main focus is on conflict prevention and management which, necessarily includes a variety of skills including behaviour (etiquette), concentration, tolerance/patience, respect for and taking care of others (particularly safety during training), collaborative learning and cooperation, practical psychology and communication skills, criminology, security and risk management in general. 

    Unlike other more conventional sports, these vicarious skills are integral to self-defense objectives and not left to chance. They are specifically and directly taught as part of the training experience. For us, training spirit and effort (courage, perseverance & tenacity) are some of the most important qualities we look for, and reward.

    In short, we teach...

    Life Skills for Life!


    General club training

    Secondary school kids and adults can continue their training after school hours by joining our main club, the Liikan Jitsu Club (Espoo) ry. The club currently trains twice per week on weekday evenings and at the weekend. You can find information on how to join via this link: Contact us 

    YouTube Video

    More Lii-Kan Jitsu Club Ry junior training videos:

    Assault Awareness & Risk Management Courses (In-Class)

    By way of SeTs Freelancer, we can provide Dynamic Physical Education sessions/lessons for schoolkids or special conflict and risk management courses for school kids and/or teachers known as  'Assault Awareness and Risk Management' (AARM). AARM courses are usually held in a classroom and occasional in the sports hall and can last for 2, 3 or 5 days.  The courses cover the basics and principles of self-defense, stress and conflict management and personal security and risk management in general.  

    For more information, click here.

    Afternoon club clothing and equipment

    image: Budolop group
    You will get more information as needed when at the training hall, but, generally speaking, you should not wear jewelry of any kind, nor zips or anything else that might cause injury to yourself or others. Hygiene is also important, such as clean feet and fingernails. It is important that nails are as short and smooth as possible. Judo suits are not needed, although you can wear T-shirts or ideally collared (Polo) T-shirts as these are made of a stronger material to withstand the tugging and pulling. The shirts you buy yourself from local shops along with logo badge and brand image transfers from the club. Whilst the latter is not necessary, it would certainly be nice and beneficial to the club and group morale if everyone did where the club shirts ;-)

    School Afternoon Club Payments

    Training fees depend on the arrangement with your school. Some schools pay the club instructor so that the service is provided free for their students. Sporttia kaikille Ry also sponsor groups in Vantaa. Ask your class teacher or contact Sporttia Kaikkille ry. Optionally, the parents can pay a training fee if a local business sponsor cannot be found.

    For testimonials click here, or for further reference information, please contact us.