Streetwise Arts & Fitness Education

Professional dynamic physical education in the form of fitness, mobility, self-defence and personal security management training for those who want personalized coaching tailored to their needs, without the restriction of attending and conforming to a regular self-defence training club or classical training system.

Basic training may be conducted in a purpose-built training environment or include outdoors and situational on-site training as required or, as facilities are available. Kyusho (vital pointStudy Group training is restricted to private indoor training facilities for security and safety purposes.

All of the programmes listed below are based on a deep knowledge of martial arts, Parkour, Strength & Fitness training, both in terms of combative techniques, security and risk management training. In particular, the training draws on the style of Lii-Kan Jitsu, currently practised at the Liikan Jitsu Club ry. For effective and realistic training in a modern school for modern-day society, Lii-Kan Jitsu is hard to beat.

SeTs Parkour-Jitsu

Programmable options:

1. Physical Education Training
  • Personal Trainer Strength & Fitness Coaching for individuals and small groups.
Personal Trainer to help you 'get fit for the job'. Whether you need to get for fit for your job, a hobby or, just for a better and healthier life. Your own Personal Trainer can be an invaluable asset to coach, educate and generally support you in your efforts to both get fit and healthy and stay that way. 

  • Dynamic Physical Education (D.P.E.) 
Dynamic Physical Education (D.P.E.) classes are versatile and multi-faceted P.E. programmes with a focus on self-defence combined with mobility training based on a fusion of some basic Break-Dancing, pure Parkour and other physical fitnerss and strength training. They can be simple education sessions/courses or, practical group coaching with regular classes.
  • For younger school kids we provide afternnon clubs and classes based on our 'own TM' concept, originally devised as an amalgamation of martial arts training and the highly popular 'Hop-Lop' concept.
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2. Theme and concept based fitness and strength training 

  • Contextual and ConceptTM Based  Workouts  
(still under development)
    • Sports 
    • Arts 
    • Activities 
    • Attributes
  • Self-defense Skills Circuit Training 
Fitness circuit training based on a broad spectrum  of martial skills training exercises. Classes may be arranged for a both striking and grapling aspects and, unarmed or armed techniques and skills. This training format is best suited to small groups for greater learning potential and fun. There is not formal grade syllabus, so students a free to explore technqiues and skills, following their own learning path through the exercises.  As near a truly borderless learning experience as one can get. Training is best served with a small group of freinds and familiars fo your own choosing.
  • Boxercise/Kick-boxercise 
Aerobic and general fitness interactive training based on primarily on striking techniques using bags, pads, balls and your own cooperative crash test dummies (classmates ;-). The system is based on Authorised Personal Trainer (APT) principles and fitness programing methods using its own context based conceptsTM (brand name not yet released - trade mark application in progress) that leaves other 'Body Combat' fitness systems just flailing about in hot thin air. The training is augmented with a variety of other mobility & strength training techniques, propgrammes and, self-defense skills for a more useful fitness oriented training that ordinary APT's are neither able, nor qualified to evaluate or teach. Training can be individual or, with a small group of your choosing.

3. Protective Physical Education 
Classes for private groups, business organisations and schools
Self-defence, mobility & fitness training in a regular keep-fit club type of format without gradings (exams).
    • Assault Awareness & Risk Management (AARM) courses desgned for the general public and those at risk of violence in the work-place to be able to manage and cope with threatening situations. These courses also provide an excellent foundation for professional security officers.
    • Educational classes and seminars for schools and other interest groups seeking further skills and information about self-defence, personal security and the martial arts in general. Classes may be tailored as part of a broader Life Skills programme as required.
    • Women's self-preservation classes or, general training based on the A.A.R.M. courses but, with more attention to physical techniques and skills content. 
    • Self-defense study groups and clubs. Regular weekly training classes or study groups that meetup monthly. Training is based on Lii-Kan Jitsu (Jiu Jitsu, Parkour and more...)  but, otherwise not subject to, or limited by the club, style or, grading system. Training is and can be further augmented with a variety of other mobility & strength training exercises & programmes to enhance your capabilities. Training can be individual or, with a small (private) group of your choosing.
    • Kyusho Study Groups are classes all about the study of nerve points and their application in martial arts and healing. In this format, the training is style independent and suitable for any adult with a serious interest in self-defense and, the martial and healing arts in general. If you are interested in learning about this profound art, as we can set-up and lead a study group within a reputable international organisation, just for you and your chosen group.

    Classes and programmes can be developed to suit different student levels of fitness and capability, though most exercises are already self-regulating. An integrated programme can also be devised. Training can be individual or with a small group of friends and familiars of your choosing to provide a force-multiplier for your learning and development. Without doubt, the learning and skill development possibilities mushroom immensely with small group training whilst, the cost of training per person rapidly diminishes (gets cheaper :). 

    Now, SeT your mind and body in motion, contact us!

    Key Benefits

    • Realistic and effective training in a modern school for modern-day society.
    • A very broad range of skills to promote stability and flexibility in response capability. I.e. Options!
    • Expert group or private tuition for more effective and efficient learning.
    • Training tailored to your needs and schedules.
    • On-going training or defined courses with no gradings or other paraphernalia, unless requested.
    • Reduced levels of anxiety and increased self-confidence and self-esteem, plus a variety of other chain-linked benefits derived therefrom. See video: The Unspoken “Secret” to EVERY Transformation!