Courses and Classes

SeTs core activities include the provision of study courses and training classes, either in-class or, on-line web-based training (WBT), and courses for an augmented personal and/or professional education. 

These Skill Enhancement and Training Services (SeTs), courses, and classes (sessions) are ideal for those that would like to refresh and expand their knowledge, thinking and outlook on the subject of their chosen profession or, even broaden their horizons to related disciplines that may be encountered on their climb up the professional ladder. Perhaps you need to evaluate a topic before committing to further formal academic study, or, simply are just interested in learning more about a topic in your own sweet time and way, to 'Blossom and Bloom' without being dragged down by boring lectures and the pressures of formal academic study?

Both refresher and new courses of study also provide an excellent forum for professional networking and more open and systematic exchange of related ideas and information in an unfettered and safe environment. Educational sciences have long since established that we learn better when open and receptive from a more relaxed state of mind. Consequently, the exchange tends to be far deeper and more profound than the more ad-hoc cyber-space bounded interactions of on-line professional and social networks. Read more...

Do you need to learn something new, enhance your knowledge and skills, or, just want some refreshments? 

If so, these courses may be for you. For more information about the course types, Click here.

So, "Don't let school interfere with your education."  

Mark Twain

Life Skills for life and life-long learning! 

Educational Courses

  • Assault Awareness and Risk Management (AARM) course for the general public and customer contact staff.
    • 2 day In-class course
    • 3 day in-class course
    • 5 day inclass course

Training Classes

  • Personal Security Classes
    • Self-defense techniques and skills
    • Kick-boxercise (get fit for the job)
    • Self-defense Skills Circuit Training
  • Conflict Intervention training and management classes for:
    • Customer contact staff (reception & customer relations etc.)
    • Security staff 
  • Dynamic Physical Education
    • Budolop classes & afternoon clubs for school kids
    • Parkour Jitsu for Adults
    • Acqua-conditioning training
  • Lii-Kan Jitsu Club Ry (Jiu Jitsu based hybrid. The full martial arts system as practiced in our local club)