Why You Should Join Our Tour

Adventure travel is an independent and complex journey into the wilderness, or a significantly different country than the one in which we live. Leave behind the comfort and security, which we used to and go into the unknown. On the question of why I go on a journey, usually to answer: because I do not know how it is there and because I've never done this before. In each of us sleep these desires, but very few of us followed this dream. Fear of the unknown is usually too strong. Organised trips represent a kind of substitute for real adventure. The guide takes you to interesting places. Cost of travel ensures security and predictability. Fixed travel program is a kind of assurance that we got what we paid. But this is not an adventure. 

We offer something completely different. The first step to a real adventure. We will not sell you fish, you'll learn how to fish. Our adventure will be significantly different from the scheduled trip.On our way you will learn how to organize and carry out your own adventure. 

We prefer to camp in the wild than to stay in hotels. We buy food at local market and prepare meals by ourself.

All guides in our group are experienced travelers. Travel is our passion. The motivation for our activity is our personal satisfaction at the thought, that we have show someone what the adventure actually is.

Supported and unsupported trips

The concept of supported or unsupported adventure concerns the Motorcycle or bicycle trip.Supported adventure includes an accompanying vehicle. With the accompanying vehicles some more extreme destinations become available, as escort vehicles carrying water, food and fuel.Safety of participants is higher because the range of repairs, which can be implemented on the ground significantly increases. However, the presence of accompanying vehicles does not replace the technical preparations at home. All repairs can not be done on the ground and in this case, the participant will be waiting for a one-way ticket home.

Some trips are of a nature that does not necessarily need an accompanying vehicle. On the road, without a safety net of support vehicles, the experience of the unknown and true test of our own abilities become adventure itself.

The cost of the trip leader and support

The price of the trip includes guide fee, use of tent, breakfast and dinner prepared by escort team. Hotel stays and meals outside of our organization are not included in the price.

When local guide is compulsory (Algiers, Libya), we add the cost of a local guide to the travel costs.

In the case of 4WD trip or unsupported motorcycle trip we charge 50 € per day and 0,50 € per km.

In the case of supported motorcycle tour we charge 100 € per day and 1 € per km

The cost of transport of a guide and his vehicle to travel site and back home are added to the total cost of the trip.

The total cost of travel is then divided by the number of participants.
Individual travel costs are:
  • transport vehicles by ferry, boat or plane
  • fuel costs
  • cost of tolls, tickets, visas, insurance, costs of border crossing
  • incidental expenses

Take, for example, the trip through Africa, 5000 kilometres long in duration of 30 days, with guide on the motorcycle and support of 4 WD vehicle. The price of guidance would be 6.500 €. The cost of transport of a guide and his vehicle From Genoa to Tanger and back 1300 €. If this sum is divided to the 10 participants travel price becomes 780 € for each participant.
  1. Total cost of the trip would be like this
  2. share in the organization of the trip 800 €
  3. transportation from Genoa and back in Tangier € 600
  4. Fuel costs about 300 €
  5. other costs (hotels, tolls, visa, etc.) 300 €

Total 2000 €

To join us as a guide send us your resume and your trip itinerary.