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Man indicted for murder with no physical evidence.



Jesse E. Watkins was born January 19, 1962 in  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is the youngest of 5 children.

Jesse is known for being a family man. He is a provider who is courteous and respectful, has a great sense of humor and is thought well of. 

This father of five and grandfather of eight is facing a life sentence!


Jesse Watkins turned himself in April of 2007 after reading about the indictment for the alleged murder of his cousin Craig White. He has remained in custody at  the Cape May County penitentiary without any physical evidence to support this charge. 

Craig White was reported missing on March 1, 1990 by his mother and aunt. He was last seen on February 23rd or 24th of 1990 in the company of Jesse Watkins (witness account article(*) ), according to  the prosecution.  Craig was never found and his immediate family soon believed he was dead.

The reason we feel so strongly that  injustice has occurred is because there are eyewitness accounts; statements that (Investigator Robert Andrews of the Middle Township Police Dept. in New Jersey had taken) place Craig White at a convenience store in Burleigh, NJ well after the 23rd of February 1990.  (Craig  sighting 1, Craig  sighting2)

 There is also proof that Jesse Watkins wasn't even in the state of New Jersey during this time frame. He was in Philadelphia having surgery  (hospital admission records).  None of this information, however, is going to be admissible during the murder trial. Judge Raymond A. Batten, J.S.C. has denied the motion to admit it resulting in Jesse's attorney seeking help in locating Mr White who in all accounts could  be alive. (Craig White subpoena  ( * ) )

Only hearsay and speculation are keeping Jesse from freedom and his family.  It is appalling that a  man can remain incarcerated for over a year,  living in fear and uncertainty over his future for what is believed to be a crime. With no physical evidence of any kind. 

In this day and age... how can a missing person's report turn into first degree murder ? (missing persons report pg1missing persons report pg 2) It saddens us that our attempts to have the venue changed,  to afford Jesse the due process that we as Americans all deserve have been denied.      (change of venue denial ).

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The trial date is Monday, September 15, 2008! Please attend if you are able.

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