Free Home Evaluation

Free Home Evaluation

You have been thinking about selling your home. You have interviewed a couple Agents but nothing has clicked with either of them yet. You want someone that you can relate to. Someone that is friendly and that you can tell cares about you and your home. Someone that will find the right buyer for your home because after all, you have lived in this home for a while and you want it to go to someone that is worthy of it.

And at the same time, you want the right price for your home. You are somewhat current with the home prices in your neighborhood and you have a fairly good idea how much your home is worth. So, you want someone that will have done their research in your market and that can come prepared to show you what your home is worth according to what other homes around you have sold for.

You also want someone that can give you a very fair estimate for your home and little to no cost to you. Because, let's face it, if you have to spend the regular few hundred dollars to get a home estimate, then, it does not leave a good impression and frankly, it kinda of aggravates you...

Hence, how about getting the #1 Oakville Real Estate Team to give you a FREE Home Evaluation, totally free of charge to you, so you can get a very good idea of what your home is worth and have that as a solid foundation for the sale of your home? This Burlington and Oakville Team are Experts at Home Evaluation and are the team that will do you right. They are everything we have discussed above and beyond. The head of this team is name Chantal Ross. Chantal and her team are fierce negotiators and closers and are definitely the team you want on your side :-)

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Free Home Evaluation
2181 Itabashi Way
Unit 4A
Burlington, ON

free home evaluation

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