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Related Techniques
These techniques were also treated by Bodil Tornehave in Danske frihåndskniplinger

Standard Prickings

Article from the OIDFA Bulletin

In Scania, Sweden, in addition to the traditional Freehand Laces, there was one family using standard prickings. 

Wivi-Ann Nordström:
PETTERSSONSPETSAR FRÅN ÖSTERLEN / PETTERSSON SPITZEN / PETTERSSON LACE, 2010, published by Barbara Fay Text: Swedish, German, English

The ’s Gravenmoer' (Nederland) Lace was made on a standard pricking.

You can see an example of an old standard pattern  on p. 66 in 'Kant uit Vlaanderen en ’s Gravenmoer' published by LOKK.After the revival, these laces are made on purpose-made patterns. 


Danish Fugleflet from the OIDFA Bulletin

From the City Museum in Jena, Germany. Shown in: Thüringer Volkekunst : Jena und Umgebung,Oskar Schmolitzky, Weimar 1950

From Moravia, Czechia. Shown in:  Die Sammlung Iklé : Beiträge zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der Spitze, Zürich n.d. (c. 1900)