Information about FHL in different countries


This is the text about FHL in different countries that was displayed on a wall at OIDFA's conference in Nottingham in 2002 and in a binder at OIDFA's conference in Prague in 2004.

The whole exhibition by the Freehand Lace Research Group at OIDFA's conference in Nottingham in August 2002 was made up of special displays and an overview of our present knowledge of Freehand Lace areas. 

In the overview exhibition, two A4 pages represented each area: one page with text and one with pictures. The pictures were chosen from books, postcards etc. It is the captions for these illustrations, that are given at the bottom of each page.

 For copyright reasons most of the illustrations used in Nottingham can unfortunately not be made  available online.  However, we think that you may find information about the typical illustrations used in 2002 useful.  

At the moment, the most important thing is updating the texts.  

It is not necessary any more to restrict the information about one area to a single A4 page.

Note: This is a document still being developed, please let me have any corrections, additions, and comments.

Co-ordinator of the Freehand Lace Research Group

Vibeke Ervø

 Åfløjen 4, 2tv

DK-2700 Brønshøj