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Early Bobbin Lace

* indicates that the publication is available to be downloaded from: http://www.cs.arizona.edu/

Note: The earliest bobbin lace was produced free hand.

OIDFA Bulletin 1&2 2003 How it all began in Brabrant ...
Mme M. Risselin-Steenebruggens research about the Plantin Sisters,
a summary by Josette Martin-Favlier

Recent Books

Dahrén, Lena :Med kant av guld och silver ... En studie av knypplade bårder och uddar av metall 1550 – 1640 [Edged with gold and silver... a study of metal, bobbin-made borders and edgings, 1550-1640], Uppsala Universitet (printed in Västerås) 2010, ISBN 978-91-628-8196-2

Shepherd, Rosemary: An Early Lace Workbook – Bobbin Lace Techniques before the Baroque, Leura (AUS) 2009, ISBN 978-0-9591235-4-8

Pattern Books - reprints
Burkhard, Claire: Faszinierendes Klöppeln "Nüw Modelbuch" 1561. Paul Haupt, Bern (1986). ISBN 3-258-03610-1
Levey, Santina M. / Payne, Patricia C.: Le Pompe 1559, Patterns for Venetian bobbin lace. Ruth Bean, Carlton Bedford, (1983), ISBN 0-903585-16-2.
Le Pompe Libro Secondo, published as "Venetianische Musterblaetter aus dem XVI Jahrhundert" [Venetian Pattern Sheets of the Sixteenth Century], 1562 (1879)*
The patterns from both Le Pompe books are online, combined into one by Bibliothèque nationale de France (nos 49 & 50 in Mrs. Pallisers list):

Parasole, Elisabetta. Musterbuch für Stickereien und Spitzen [Pattern Book for Embroidery and Lace], Ernst Wasmuth, 1616 (1891).*

A Schole-house for the Needle (ed. Richard Shorleyker), 1632, issued by John and Elisabeth Mason, (1998), ISBN 1-872665-72-1.

Note: Needlepoint lace patterns were also used for bobbin lace.

Bulletin of the Needle and Bobbin Club

Paulis, L.: "Le Pompe" A Study of the Technique of Sixteenth Century Bobbin Laces. Bulletin of the Needle and Bobbin Club vol VI no 1 1922 pp. 2-13. *

Six, Jan: "Notes on Early Dutch Lace. Bulletin of the Needle and Bobbin Club vol XVI no 1 1932 pp. 3-16. *

The IOLI Bulletin (Bulletin of the International Old Lacers), USA has since Volume 27, Number 4, Summer 2007 contained articles about Early Lace.

Lace, issued by the English Lace Guild, has from no 125, January 2007 regularly published Gil Dye's articles about Early English Lace.

Earlier articles in Lace:
Levey, Satina M.: Early Lacemaking in England, Part 2: Bobbin Lace. Lace No. 14 April 1979, pp.10-12.
Worrell, Betty Y: Elisabeth Isham's Lace Samples. Lace No. 40, Winter 1985 pp.28-29.
Watts, Denise: The Genesis of Bobbin Lace. Lace No. 88, October 1997, pp 16-19.
Dye, Gill: Elizabethan Laces. Lace No. 105, January 2002, pp 20-22.

Australian Lace
Shepherd, Rosemary: The "Batavia" Lace + Pattern. Australian Lace Vol 14 no 2, Summer 1992 pp. 8-11 + correction Autumn 1993.

Shepherd, Rosemary: Early Plaited Bobbin Laces, Australian Lace, Winter 1993, pp. 4-6.

OIDFA Bulletin

Shepherd, Rosemary:The "Batavia" Lace + Pattern / La dentelle "Batavia" + patron OIDFA Bulletin 1/1994 pp.4-9.(reprint of 'Australian Lace' Vol 14 no 2, Summer 1992 pp. 8-11 + correction Autumn 1993.

Margareta Ridderstedt:
Chasubles from the 17th century with metal lace / Chasubles du 17 ème siècle garnies de dentelles métalliques aux fuseaux, OIDFA Bulletin 2/2000, pp. 12-15.

Other books/ booklets
Abegg, Margaret:Apropos Patterns for Embroidery, Lace and Woven Textiles, 1978 (1998). ISBN 3 905014 13 0.

Andries, Nora: Caroluskantjes, Patronen en technische tekningen van Vlamse kloskanten uit de collectie van St.-Carolus Borromeuskerk te Antwerpen (n.d. 1998).

Andries, Nora: Onder de Loep, Analyse van Oudvlaamse kloskanten uit de collectie van de Sint-Carolus Borromeuskerk te Antwerpen, Antwerpen,  2004.

Baumeister-Jonker, Lia:Alte Spitzen aus dem siebzehnten Jahrhundert, Flandrische Spitze, Holländische Spitze und van Dijk Spitze. Private publication. n.d.

Benedikt, Elke: Vom Goldflecht zur Klöppelspitze, Dokumentation über die Entstehung der Klöppelspitze bis zum Jahre 1561 - Streifzüge durch die Geschichte des oberen Erzgebirges [From gold braid to bobbin lace, documentation of the origin of bobbin lace until the year 1561 - forays into the history of the upper Erzgebirge]. 2000.

Dye, Gilian: Elizabethan Lace, The Elviston Press 1995, ISBN 0-95-22709-3-5. (reprinted  2009).

OIDFA Study Group Northern Netherlands: Linnenkast 1 [Linen cupboard 1]. 1992.

OIDFA Study Group Northern Netherlands: Linnenkast 2 [Linen cupboard 2]. 1994.

OIDFA Study Group Northern Netherlands: Linnenkast 3 [Linen cupboard 3]. 1998.

OIDFA Study Group Northern Netherlands: Linnenkast 4 [Linen cupboard 4]. 2002.

OIDFA Study Group Northern Netherlands: Linnenkast 5 [Linen cupboard 5]. 2008.