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Old and New European Lacemaking Traditions, In honour of the 100th
anniversary of the birth and the 20th anniversary of the death of
Danica Brössler

16th International Lace Festival, Lepoglava 2012, Croatia, 20th to
23rd September 2012


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Lena Dahrén is now a Doctor of Philosophy (10th December 2010) , her thesis is lavishly illustrated (Barbaray Fay number 261): Med kant av guld och silver ... En studie av knypplade bårder och uddar av metall 1550 – 1640 (Edged with gold and silver... a study of metal, bobbin-made borders and edgings, 1550-1640).

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Freehand Lace (FHL) is Bobbin Lace made with very few pins, usually only at the two edges.
The work of the Freehand Lace Research Group is based on the work of the Danish scientist Bodil Tornehave.

Bodil Tornehave researched Freehand Lace in the 1950s and wrote in 1987 Danske Frihåndskniplinger (Danish Freehand Laces).

This book is much more than a book about a few Danish laces – it is the standard reference work about freehand lace. Some of us have translated it into English, and thanks to Josette Martin-Favelier there is also a French version available.

This site can be looked upon as a extention to Bodil Tornehave's book. The group exhibited at OIDFA's conferences in 2000, 2002 and 2004. The information about FHL in different areas is based on the information collected at that time.

The FHL Research Group has this site as part of our gmail account freehand.lace@gmail.com

The Group is very informal and we are at the moment trying to extend our use of the Internet and e-mails. We had problems when Google transferred the site from Google Pages to Google Sites, but we will hopefully now be able to move forward.

It is still a test version, so problems may occur. You can also get your own free gmail account and site.

This is intended as a working site. The main aim is to make it easy to update the content.

At the moment we will concentrate our efforts on getting the information from the OIDFA exhibitions updated. The information about the different FHL areas is based on the exhibition in Nottingham in 2002.

Please check the text about the different countries.

Have you additions to the lists of publications?

Please send comments to Vibeke at freehand.lace@gmail.com

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