Making tie dye t shirts. Nobody puts baby in a corner t shirt.

Making Tie Dye T Shirts

making tie dye t shirts
    t shirts
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Kaluga Russia, July 2001, I taught 125 village children how to make a tie dye T-shirt. This is where the little bits workshop began
Kaluga Russia, July 2001, I taught 125 village children how to make a tie dye T-shirt. This is where the little bits workshop began
After spending a few weeks with Russian children at a summer camp in Kaluga, Russia, my world changed forever. This is where the idea to start a studio/workshop began. Prior to going on this trip, I scavenged garage sales for beads and craft items to take to these kids. I also put together all the supplies needed to do tie dye for 125 kids who had never seen a tie dye shirt, let alone made one. The excitement they had when they opened their shirts up after dying was like fireworks in July. I'll never forget this experience...ever!! The team of folks who I traveled with were amazing too and have become life-long friends. The whole trip exploded my heart and expanded my mission in life to not settle for just any old job, but to follow dreams.
86/365: Tie-Dye
86/365: Tie-Dye
As if are family isn't dorky enough, we decided to all make matching Tie-dye T-shirts. We also managed to tie-dye our hands. It would not come off, no matter how hard we all scrubbed. Today's random fact: While I was taking this, some random family decided to show up. I kept taking my pictures. They kept staring at me.

making tie dye t shirts
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