Source Checklist

Genealogy Sources Checklist

The purpose of this page is to provide a checklist of North American genealogy resources and records websites on one convenient page. The sites shown here are generally not limited to a specific time period, or a specific place. If you run your ancestor's name through the checklist of sites below you will end up with an excellent initial survey of what's out there online about your ancestor. All the websites on this page are free, or have a free section. None of the sites will require you to input a credit card in order to view the free parts of their databases. 


    2. Wiki's
    1.   Wikipedia
    2.   We Relate   

      3. Books and Manuscripts, with readable books
      1.   Google Books
      2.   Internet Archives Genealogy Collection
      3.   HathiTrust
      4.   LDS Family Search - Family History Books

      5.    Genealogy Gophers
      6.   Genealogy Book Links
      7.   Early Canada Online
      8.   Canadiana Discovery Portal

        5. Periodicals, with readable journals
          1.   Google Scholar
          2.   JSTOR
            (Library card)

            6. Periodicals, catalog index only
              1.   PERSI
                (Library card)
              2.     Hait and Henderson's State Genealogy Journals
              3.   BCGS's Provincial Gen. Society Journals

                8. Message Boards, Mailing Lists, and Query Boards
                  1.   Roots Web Message Boards
                    1.   Roots Web Mailing Lists
                      1.   GenForum
                        1.   Cousin Connect

                            11. Land
                              1.    Historic Mapworks

                              2.   BLM GLO

                                12. Immigration
                                  1.   Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild
                                  2.   The Ships List
                                    1.   Castle Garden
                                      1.   Ellis Island
                                      2.   BYU Immigrant Ancestors Project
                                      3.    USCIS (Info only)

                                          13. Census Images and Transcriptions
                                            2.   USGenWeb Census Project
                                            3.   Internet Archive US Census Images
                                            4.   Heritage Quest Censuses (Library card)

                                            14. Government Archives

                                              15. Searchable Free Family Trees
                                                  1.   LDS Family Search - Family Tree
                                                    1.   Roots Web 'World Connect' Family Trees

                                                        16. Images
                                                          1.   Google Images
                                                            1.   Bing Images
                                                              1.   Dead Fred
                                                                1.   Ancient Faces
                                                                2.   Family Old Photos

                                                                  17. Miscellaneous
                                                                    RYRWPA - Bible Records
                                                                  2.   D.A.R. Bible Records
                                                                  3.   Congregational Yearbooks 
                                                                  4.   Sampubco Wills
                                                                  5.   Online Military Indexes and Records

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