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Improve your Sales by Giving Away Free Gas and Groceries
Update:  Now Offering Free Grocery Certificates

Could Your Business Use More Customers?   Need a Boost in Sales? Profits?  Do you have to Generate Leads Fast?
If the answer to any of these 3 questions is yes, pay attention.

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I'm Aaron Hall and a representative of  Gas for Free PromoCould your business use more customers? more sales? leads? profits?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, I'd like to show you an innovative way to make more sales and attract more customers while helping to ease the incredible pain they feel every time they fill up at the gas pump.
Before I explain, let me ask you this, do you think a Free Gas promotion would get your customers' attention? You bet it would!  These days there are a lot people who could use a little help making ends meet.

Most hard-working Americans recently felt some of the highest gas prices this country has ever seen.  For several months, if you watched the news you were guaranteed to see at least one story about gas prices. It was everywhere in the media, online, in print, on blogs -- because people care about this hot issue.  Luckily, the price of gas has actually gone down the last month or so -- but people are still in shock and many families are now dealing with the realities of recession.  Think about the number of job losses this year alone, not to mention the high cost of food and having to maintain car insurance coverage.
 Before you start worrying about the possibility (or reality) of decreased sales,  take this negative situation and use it to your advantage.

Already seeing a decline in sales? Act now, before it's too late.
Take proactive marketing action now. Recession proof your business with a marketing plan that will cost you little but produce results. How?

Answer: By Recession Proofing Your Marketing Efforts! Offer your customers FREE GAS, and you and your business are guaranteed to become their hero.
Why? Because you will help them address a problem that has no viable solution!
Look! Practically every type of business is now offering some type of incentive — you see it more and more every day!Big businesses are used spending money to promote their business, generate leads and attract new customers. Why aren't you doing the same? How do you expect to compete during a recession?

Thanks to our new program, small business owners like you, can now purchase Free Gas Rebate Certificates at a fraction of the face value. Once you receive your free gas certificates, you can begin running promotions right away using free gas as an incentive to increase your leads, sales and profits. 

If you are interested in learning more do give me a call or contact me via email.  I would love to help you by suggesting proven promotion models that have delivered dramatic results for other businesses. If you want to hear more, I highly recommend you watch the new gas and grocery video presentation. Use promo code A1YVW. 

Offer your customers or potential customers something they really want and need - FREE GAS!

(and now free groceries!)

Imagine how word will spread when you start offering $500 in Free Gas -- without costing YOU much of anything. 
In fact, if you really think about it, this program doesn't cost you money, it MAKES you money!

Our FREE Gas Certificates  can help your business:

Increase customer loyalty & satisfaction
Double, or triple sales
Increase profit margins
Decrease traditional advertising costs
Generate new leads
Increase customer traffic
Offer promotions that will put you ahead of your competitors
Get potential customers to share contact information
Increase your customer database
Retain customers longer
Re-energize and reactivate old customers 
Generate  “buzz” and viral marketing (word of mouth referrals)
Provide high perceived value, but low-cost gift

Once you begin mentioning  a FREE GASoffer in your advertising,
you will surely see your bottom-line skyrocket.

Be the first in your area to offer this unique, low-cost promotional incentive.
 We now offer Free Grocery Certificates.
Ask me about this new marketing tool. Free Grocery offers are also incredibly attractive. 
Free Grocery rebates are guaranteed to super charge your sales.


Rebate certificates are available in the following denominations (priced per certificate value):

$100, $150, $300 and $500

(Prices are NOT Published - available per request only)

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