What are these things? Well they are tools for use in various ftp servers. They are made because I was very dissatisfied with almost all the scripts and tools that I saw for various servers. Also the tools only worked for one server and not for another.
These are my FTP Server tools. They basically work with any ftp server that handles events. So they work with CesarFTP, G6FTPServer/ BPFTP Server,  GuildFTPD, ioFTPD, RaidenFTPD, Serv-U, WarFTP 1.6x, zFTPServer Suite
Be aware, due to bugs in Servu 6.1.x the pre mechanism does not work properly. Furthermore it seems that the hook mechanism does not work properly as described so sadly enough this can not be used. Furthermore apparently threads are not properly ended which means there is some other error in servudaemon.exe. This is of no concern for the normal user since it never occurs with his setup. But for custom commands via the pre mechanism it does occur. It appears that servu holds a handle on the specified thread meaning the thread does not get deallocated. This results in servu slowly eating up memory. This occurs when the pre mechanism is being used as far as I can see it does not occur in other instances.

Oct 03: FTPLogger 1.0.172:file_id.diz recognition for 100..999 zip files added Sep 03: FTPSrverTools.ini 1.0.58 InDirMP3Completed, InDirMP3Complete, InParentMP3Completed updated or added Sep 03: sitebot.mrc 1.1.3:Set current channel button to copy network and channel from current channel and button added Sep 03: FTPLogger 1.0.171:default for InDirMP3Complete set to empty, other minor MP3 changes. Aug 18: FTPLogger 1.0.170 diz recognition updated, mp3dir added, compiler bug resolved
Feb 26: FTPLogger 1.0.168 Added *.avi, *.ogm, *.mkv in the default sfv recognition
Feb 14: FTPLogger 1.0.167 Case insensitive filenames that do belong together could cause an extra tag to appear
Jan 14: FTPLogger 1.0.166 Crash fix on certain diz
Jan 14: FTPLogger 1.0.165 Diz recognition improved
Jan 08: FTPLogger 1.0.164 Diz recognition added
Jan 02: FTPLogger 1.0.163 Diz recognition added
Jan 02: FTPLogger 1.0.162 Diz recognition added
May 01: Sitebot.mrc 1.1.3 changed the code to make it work better
Feb 09: FTPServertools.ini 1.0.56 textual update in the comments
Feb 09: FTPLogger 1.0.159 % issue fixed in the tags, ioRecache build into ftplogger for refreshing the parent dir (only for ioFTPD this is used)
Jan 23: OnDirDeleted 1.0.32 incomplete dir tags were not properly removed, now they are
Dec 12: FTPLogger 1.0.157 changed SizeFormat, fixed cookies concerning length and width Dec 12: FTPServerTools.ini 1.0.55 changed SizeFormat workings and default and added comment on it
Dec 12: ServuEvent 1.1.34 fixed the execution path for the Connect event
Oct 09: FTPLogger 1.0.157 added to file_id.diz recognition