Erin Sharma, is in a really dangerous spot. Originally, Erin could have been facing the death penalty over this, however, she is still facing the possibility of life in prison. I'm not trying to be alarmist, but, this is an (ex) Senior Corrections Officer that made a couple of joking comments and because another inmate killed a prisoner, Erin is now incarcerated among the prison population. Erin's life is in extreme danger!


     The FBI and AUSA have used her as a scapegoat and her life is in imminent danger. This investigation began after the Gitmo and Abu Ghraib scandals while Erin worked in the largest federal prison in the US. This corrections facility was a prime target for the FBI to begin looking at for cases to show that 'something was being done'. Not only is this the largest federal prison, but, she worked in the special housing unit or maximum-security unit where the worst of the worst are housed. 
     She was pulled into the FBI Federal Building at Orlando about 3 years ago without an attorney present and thought they were questioning her over the misconduct of another guard. In her trusting nature, never did Erin think they were trying to implicate her. After her arraignment in March 2008, they let her continue to lead her life without threat of incarceration and asked for no bail. This sense of 'just going through protocol' caused Erin to misunderstand the seriousness of the situation. 
    Erin is a 33 year old mother of a beautiful little 8 year old girl and wife of a loving husband and would have never jeopardized her freedom or separation from her family. She did not conspire to have this tragedy occur! Erin has professed her innocence to the entire family and friends throughout and she is not one to be deceitful in the least. She told her mother there was nothing to be alarmed about because her innocence would be proven in court. She felt the system just had to 'go through the motions' so they could then go after the real culprit. The entire family was shocked by the outcome and has been decimated by the jury's conviction. Please help in any way that you can. 


    Born April 24, 1976, Erin Sharma is the daughter of Sharon and Brad, sister of Brad. Raised as a military dependent, Erin traveled extensively with her family until they returned to the Florida panhandle in 1993. Through her experience and travels, Erin learned to be extremely non-judgmental and to embrace diversity and other cultures for the values they contained. In high school, she began having difficulties in higher math so she attended private tutoring, entering into the workforce to pay for this herself. She graduated from high school one year earlier than her peers by attending summer school to gain credit hours and received Who’s Who Among Students honors for high GPA.

    Erin was married to Roger in October of 1999 and has had a loving and stable relationship throughout. Erin and Roger have a beautiful 8 year old daughter and a home filled with animals that she has saved from different plights. She is the adoptee of Shadow, Abby, Sarge, Ravis, Mocha, Princess, Tuxedo, Tiger, Thunder and a multitude of others though the years. She is a avid supporter of animal rights causes and organizations.

     After her graduation, she followed the path of her Grandmother and entered into Corrections Officer training. Erin’s career began at the state level working at Washington Corrections Institute from 1997 until 2000, when she began federal service at Edgefield Corrections Institute in South Carolina. After the birth of their daughter, Erin and Roger transferred closer to home to the Coleman Corrections Complex near Orlando, Florida. She was quickly recognized for her abilities and superior work ethics and has received outstanding and exceeding performance on all job evaluations. She received the Officer of the Month commendation in the winter of 2005 out of approximately 200 fellow officers.

    Please! My family and I beg you all, if you have any information or ideas that may help, or questions, please show your support and join this blog. You can google Erin's name and find more information about the case.

Please check back periodically. As more information is gathered, more will be added. Thank you for your concern.