John Bedini
bedini type converter?
Dr. Hans Nieper's book Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society states that Bedini's convener was 800% efficient in initial tests, and that 26 independent researchers successfully duplicated the device about which Bedini reported.
A newspaper account said the audience included public utility representatives and investment brokers. Bedini, then 37, told the forum that he planned to make his generator universally available to the public at a nominal cost, instead of selling to the highest bidder. He described his working model as using stressed pulsed scalar waves out of phase, to tap zero-point energy of the vacuum of space. The concept was not found in physics books, but is perfectly natural and it works, he said.
Now that he has moved to Idaho, the reason "they" don't bother Bedini any more, he figures, is that he limits his models to toy-size. His model collection only demonstrates a principle–that he believes could power a house if scaled up in size. The principle involves storing discharged pulses of energy that are created while doing work with previously stored energy. The sequence is "do the work, discharge, do the work, discharge" and so on.

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