free drug rehab programs

One of the mistakes that people that need drug and alcohol rehab sometimes make is that they don’t realize that no insurance drug rehab services do in fact exist. There are many ways to get free drug rehab or affordable drug rehab but people do not know how to go about looking for it. I started this site specifically to talk about how to find drug rehab with no insurance and that is the topic of this article.

The first thing that you need to realize is that there are several different types of free drug rehab that you may want to look into. Once you are aware of the different ways that you can get drug and alcohol rehab for free or very little money then you can decide on which choice is the right one for you. Naturally, the best option is having insurance and going to a drug rehab center that takes your insurance. But, and this is the paradox of the situation, most of the addicts and alcoholics who need drug treatment the most, do not have insurance or certainly can not afford to pay for rehab out of pocket.

So, as I have talked about on Free Drug Rehab Centers before there are several options. The first is to attend a state funded drug rehab or government funded drug treatment center. Many states in the United States, such as Washington, allow the citizens of their state to go to the state rehabilitation center free of charge. Now, many other states offer more limited addiction rehabilitation benefits. For instance, some states give preference to certain populations such as single mothers on drugs, pregnant alcoholics and addicts, military veterans with drug and alcohol problems and members of certain groups such as those who are HIV positive. The reason for this is that many states are facing budget crunches and they do not have the resources to allow everyone to attend drug rehab for free. The best way to find out what drug rehab benefits your state offers is to look on your state’s .gov website under health and drug rehabilitation services.

Another option is to look into a charitable drug rehab facility. For instance, the Salvation Army helps homeless people with drug problems, unemployed addicts, and other alcoholics and addicts who need help but can’t afford rehab. Many people have criticized the Salvation Army for forcing alcoholics and addicts to abide by their program (which is Christian-based). However, seeing as they are offering drug rehab for free, it can be tough to complain. Many people have used their no-cost drug treatment approach to get clean and sober and turn their lives around.

The other option for no insurance drug rehab is to contact the drug treatment facilities in your area and talk to intake about scholarships or hardship opportunities. As I have written about here before, many for-profit drug rehab centers essentially become free drug rehab centers in particular cases. These rehabs will let addicts and alcoholics attend free of charge in order to get the tax write off and to help an addict in need. The reason that this works is mainly due to the charity of the owners and operators of the drug rehab center who were once living in active addiction themselves. Many of them want to pay back the community and they will allow people to come to their drug rehab for free regardless of whether or not they have insurance.

As you can see, there are options for finding drug addiction treatment without insurance. You are not necessary going to be hit over the head with an opportunity to get to go to a luxury drug rehab free, but that doesn’t mean that you can not find a good option to get the drug treatment that you need. The important thing is that you assume a proactive attitude and be willing to scout out the deals and show some initiative. And, remember that no matter how bad life in active addiction can be, with drug treatment people can and do turn their lives around.