Cheap Trills Newsletter

April 3 2011,

The Freedom Trail Band is a member of the Lesbian and Gay Band Association, or LGBA. In addition to its annual conference, LGBA also sponsors regional performance opportunities with host bands and performances at Gay Games every 4 years. The next Gay Games will take place in Cleveland in late July and early August 2014. LGBA’s web site is at

Annual LGBA conferences provide an opportunity to meet and perform with band members from around the world, and to share and compare experiences and learn how to improve things in your own band. They can be an energizing experience.

We are currently researching what events make sense for the Band to perform during our summer marching season. We look forward to beginning our marching season and having marching rehearsals starting April 4.

We are also looking at having another band social on the evening of our first marching rehearsal, so make sure to be there! Date and Details to follow in an upcoming edition of Cheap Trills!