Celebrate National Preservation Month

Get outside and on the move in Freedom's Way!

Strollin' & Rollin' is a month-long event designed to celebrate National Preservation Month in our region.  We have asked 5 Strollin' & Rollin'  towns to highlight 5 of their special places.  It makes for a nice way to get outside and rediscover your town in one afternoon-- see a few sites, visit our Strollin' & Rollin'  sponsors for some refreshments, and take pictures of your adventures to send back to Freedom's Way!

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We are experimenting with new media by producing some pdf guides, piloting some SmartPhone tours through GoogleMaps, and using GoogleBuzz to start conversations about the sites.  Be patient with us as we come onto the virtual scene- remember we are only human and forgive us if our GoogleMap markers are a little off or if our tweets are cheesy!

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