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A Blessed Plan to Manifest Necessary Funds Required for an April Wedding

Engaged! Jim Ellis and Jennifer Geronimo
   (Taken right after we saw the budget of the wedding ... not. ;0)


When couple Jim Ellis and Jennifer Geronimo saw the budget for their April 7, 2013 wedding in San Diego, they considered how to best approach the situation. After the smelling salts took affect, cooler heads thought ... "Hey, let's put the request out to the Abundant Universe and have fun with it." What came through was the idea of a MAGIC CAMPAIGN...


Theme - Faith!

Purpose Statement - To take a challenging situation with apparent insurmountable odds, and to open ourselves up – in humility, faith and trust – knowing our sacred union wedding, and all its associated costs, come together in Divine right order and timing, blessing us and all who are touched by the magic.


  1. We experience the magic of the Universe as we commit to results and open up to the miracles, for everyone's higher good.
  2. We have fun with this.
  3. We joyfully raise or attract the necessary funds by March 7, 2013 for our highest good.
  4. We do not demand from where the money comes but trusts that it does.
  5. We present money-making services that could be used by the public to uplift their lives.
  6. A website is created as a one-stop place for money-making ideas where people can find opportunities.
  7. We give thanks and praise all along the way, practicing the powerful act of gratitude.
  8. We let go of expectations, and this supports all areas of our life.
  9. Others are inspired and uplifted as we report in our success.
  10. Our success is others success.

Services Available

(Interested parties, contact Jim at (858) 518-5826 or E-mail HERE)

  • Marketing Services - Promotions / Publicity from Team "Freedom For All" Consulting - Jennifer's 12 years of experience managing authors and speakers. Jim's 12 years of experience copy writing marketing materials. CLICK HERE
  • Writing and Publishing Services – Press Releases, Business Plans, Flyers, Brochures, Books.  
  • Legacy Productions Videos – "Legacy Pieces" for loved ones, promotional videos for your business, company or website. (Legacy Productions).
  • Special Event / Wedding Discounts – Save over 33 percent on video packages.  CLICK HERE
  • Books as Gifts – Signed and stamped copies of The Honor Bookand Breadcrumbs: Poems and Prose Designed to Lead You Home- Save on tax, shipping and handling by purchasing through the author.
  • Breathwork Sessions Guided inner healing work using the power of the breath in an ancient practice used for centuries to bring you clarity, peace, freedom. CLICK HERE

3 Other Ways to Support

1. Simply the Wedding Registry HERE.

2. Click on below link for Solar City, using Jim and Jennifer as a referral. You win using "Green" Power and Savings
on Your Electricity Bills.

3. Click on the below link for Rovia Travel, as it brings a small percentage of commission to us when you pay for hotel stays or rental cars.You win by having great savings on travel and accommodations. (Make link a "Favorite" for future use.)

Thank You to Our Supporters
  • Roger Geronimo
  • Belinda Farrell
  • James Arthur Ellis
  • Fred and Janet Lundquist
  • Glenn Minteer
  • Charmaine Hammond
  • Cass and Shama Smith
  • Ty Smith
  • Arya
  • Christian Minson
  • Damon Kinnaman
  • Donna Pinto
  • Jeff DeChamplain