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The three-red-stripe on gold background banner represents the Heritage and Freedom Flag of the Vietnamese-American communities throughout the United States.  This symbol should be honored because:

1.          SCR 17 received unanimous, bi-partisan support in the Senate (No "NO" votes).

2.          SCR 17 is supported by the Vietnamese-Americans population in the US, one-third of whom resides in California.

3.          17 California cities and counties have passed similar resolutions honoring the Freedom and Heritage flag.

4.          Throughout the US, over 86 cities and counties, plus 10 state legislatures, have passed resolutions similar to SCR 17.

5.          SCR 17 represents the overwhelming sentiments of Vietnamese Americans and residents of Vietnam living in California.

6.          SCR 17 symbolizes the Vietnamese-Americans desires for freedom and democracy.

7.          SCR 17 thus reflects the interest of California and the United States to promote freedom and democracy in Vietnam.

8.          SCR 17 celebrates the culture and history of the Vietnamese-American communities, while honoring the same with the symbols of Vietnamese heritage and freedom.