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Dear The Honorable Fabian Núñez,
    We, the Vietnamese Americans, would respectfully request that SCR 17 be allowed to be voted on the California Assembly before the end of session 2005-06.  SCR 17 unites the Vietnamese communities in California and represents the heritage and freedom symbol of the Vietnamese-Americans in America.
    Throughout the USA, there are over 96 jurisdictions which have passed resolutions similar to SCR 17, including the ten states of Louisiana, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, Minnesota, Hawaii, Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma, and Ohio.  All of these resolutions do not interfere or inhibit diplomatic relations, foreign policy, or trade between the USA and Vietnam.  In fact, SCR 17 explicitly reaffirms California's commitment to trade and relations with Vietnam.

On September 1, 2005, you expressed that SCR 17 “will be taken up and will proceed with due diligence upon the reconvening.”

The Vietnamese Americans would be grateful for a vote on SCR 17 before the end of session 2005-06.