Freedom 9 Best Practices

The purpose of this website and the associated Forums is to develop a broad consensus of all users on the current best practices, candidate content and potential format(s) (eg print, digital platforms?) for the 9th Edition of Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills.  Each edition touches over 100,000 users and is the mountaineering bible and definitive text for a generation of both weekend warriors and climbers with historic first ascents.  New equipment, conditioning and techniques continue to push our limits to ever bolder achievements.  The best practices in Freedom 9 must strike the balance between the first text for the novice to a solid reference for the experienced veteran.  

This discussion forum is the start of a process to develop a broad consensus, both inside and outside the Mountaineers, over the next year or 2. Starting now we have time to thoroughly discuss all the candidate additions, subtractions, enhancements, issues and questions that we can collectively identify.  

To participate you will need to use your real name and complete a brief profile.  Each forum will have up to 3 moderators to keep discussions focused and constructive. A Steering group will manage the process and resolve any appeals or issues elevated by the moderators.  Authors and other leads will not be selected until this discussion process starts to wind down.