FreeDemocrat's  Basic Web for Literacy Page

In my travels about the Web I have come across extraordinary Information that is critical to understanding what is really happening in the world. 


This is (mostly) not breaking stories, or something important this week like the latest outrage, in a tsunami of outrages that keep coming, or to counter the latest spin on said outrage, but good solid data as useful years ago (when some were first published) as they will be years from now. 


You want to add reality to your arguments? I have built this list with that in mind, as references for discussion of nearly everything. If it has a Liberal Bias it is only Colbert's observation in action that it is reality that has a liberal bias.

If the list seems daunting , like it would take years to read it, remember that I spent those years reading almost all (except some in "To Read") and this is mainly the ones that were really worth it.


BTW this is the first rough copy directly from my bookmark list, I will improve it and make it prettier and correct notes as I have time ;-) P.S. if you have a page that aught to be on this list or dead links please email me (and fix spam block first)

Of course there is also my original content at the Freedom Blog.

Places to get Basic information about reality

Facts, Logic & Definitions - Who is telling the truth and how to tell

The Corporation - full movie
What the Corporation has become that it never was, and why that is a problem.

The Cluetrain Manifesto:The End of Business as Usual  What the web really means, they are talking about business but is even more important about politics. It is indeed sad that after ten years it is still revolutionary.  

Bill Moyers wrote a long detailed account that perhaps belongs under the History, Pirates or Dictatorship section below, but so clearly lays out the facts that the "Citizen's United" ruling causes, I have placed it here.
Propaganda Techniques
Recognizing Propaganda--Guide to Critical Thinking
An Encyclopedia of Logical Fallacies
An encyclopedia of logical fallacies; explanations and examples of common errors of reasoning.
Logical fallacies
Rules For Radicals
A massive collection of thoroughly-researched quotations with detailed citations.
YouTube - The Myth of the Liberal Media: The Propaganda Model of News
Miller Center — Dwight D. Eisenhower Speeches
George Lakoff on Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think
UC Berkeley professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics George Lakoff explores how successful political debates are framed 
On the Obama Code is a real time translation of how Barak Obama has put those ideas to work - Research Library: CEO Pay Charts
United for a Fair Economy is a national, independent, nonpartisan organization that puts a spotlight on the dangers of growing income, wage and wealth inequality in the United States and coordinates action to reduce the gap.
dKosopedia meta - tags
Some Negative Footnotes to Plato Plato's Republic (Books That Changed the World): Books: Simon Blackburn
Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation (Includes The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist) by H. Michael Sweeney
Eight Traits of the Disinformation
LII: Constitution
NARA | The National Archives Experience
Right Wing Myths Exposed: The Red-Blue Myth, The Liberal Media Myth, the Myth of the Homosexual Lifesyle (a work in progress)
A collection of links and books to educate the public about the true agenda of the American Religious Right: to create a christian fundamentalist theocracy in the United States.
Summary of Findings: Trends in Political Values and Core Attitudes: 1987-2007, or Why We (Still) Do What We Do
Could we, by exposing political malarkey, just be cementing it in voters’ minds? Are we contributing to the problem we hope to solve? Possibly. Yet we think that what we do is still necessary. And we think the facts back us up.
American Research Group
Scholars and Rogues »
 “Do nothing which is of no use” - this week’s scholar and/or rogue: Miyamoto Musashi
George Orwell: Politics and the English Language
Politics and the English Language, the essay of George Orwell. First published: April 1946 by/in Horizon, GB, London
Country Rankings 2007 Spreadsheets - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, Population, Social Statistics, Political System
country rankings 2007 Spreadsheets - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, Population, Social Statistics, Political System, immigration
False narratives, and the damage they do
After three decades as a Washington journalist, one lesson stands out almost above all others: false narratives get good people killed and, perhaps even worse, could sound the death knell for the great experiment known as the American Republic. 

Neocons & History - What is a Neocon & how did we get them?

Orcinus on eliminationism
David Neiwert's great discussion on Bigotry in America  
CBC News: the fifth estate: The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney
American Vice-President Dick Cheney is one of the most powerful men in the world. CBC's the fifth estate shows how he rose to power, at what cost and what history's judgement could be. .
Shadia Drury- Saving America - 10 September 2003 
Shadia Drury gets to the bottom of neoconservatism.
Internet Archive: Details: The Power of Nightmares
BBC's great study of the Origina and intellectual origins of Neocons and Islamists 
The Power of Nightmares  another archive of it

BBC NEWS Power of Nightmares re-awakened
The controversial TV series The Power of Nightmares debunked claims that al-Qaeda is a uniquely powerful threat. Here, its producer responds to viewers

BBC - BBC Four Documentaries - The Century of the Self
Further info on the acclaimed series examining the rise of the all-consuming self against the backdrop of the Freud dynasty
The Trap - Adam Curtis - BBC
BBC 1933 coup
Mayfair set  More Adam Curtis & BBC
"Mayfair set" - Google Video
"Pandora's box" bbc    More Adam Curtis & BBC
Neo-Fantasies and Ancient Myths: Adam Curtis on The Power of Nightmares. By Robert Koehler
Cinema Scope Magazine online with selected articles, reviews, interviews and features. Subscription details.
Virtual Museum and Archive of the SEC and Securities History
Mary Mapes - Google Video

Democracy Now! | Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions
John Perkins global empire
Article of Interest
More Perkins
Manufacturing_Consent.wmv - Google Video
The classic Canadian documentary Manufacturing Consent based on the Noam Chomsky/Edward Herman book by the same name. Explores the the propa.... Mar 27, 2007.
Why Conservative America is a Myth
Donald Rumsfeld's Long March
The Rumsfeld Legacy2
The Gates Inheritance
The World That Made Bob gates Papers No. 70
American government & politics portal. Free online textbook, documents library and more.
The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis, by Bill Moyers
Rorschach and Awe: Politics & Power:
America's coercive interrogation methods were reverse-engineered by two C.I.A. psychologists who had spent their careers training U.S. soldiers to endure Communist-style torture techniques. The spread of these tactics was fueled by a myth about a critical "black site" operation.
Shaking Hands with Saddam Hussein
Carlos Osorio, editor
War Is A Racket 
From General Smedley Butler who outed the 1933 attempt to overthrow the government, and perhaps the only person with two medals of honor. 
Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln
Complete Book: "FORGOTTEN FOUNDERS, Benjamin Franklin, the Iroquois and the Rationale for the American Revolution," By Bruce E. Johansen
Home Page: This Far and No Further
A timeline of events surrounding the Radical Right's takeover of American politics, focusing on the invasion of Iraq, the 9/11 attacks, and more.
Spitting on the Troops: Old Myth, New Rumors
Another Old GOP tale that has no fact involved. 
World O'Crap
More about the false stories from Viet Nam era 
Project Censored Media Democracy in Action
Censored news,2007 media democracy in action, The news that didn't make the news
Project Censored Media Democracy in Action 
 Censored news,2008 media democracy in action, The news that didn't make the news
Democracy Now! | "They Are Destroying the Female Species in Congo": 
Congolese Human Rights Activist Christine Schuler Deschryver on Sexual Terrorism and Africa's Forgotten War
Operation Hollywood Aug 28, 2006.
NPR : Rusty Sachs and the Anti-War Documentary 'Winter Soldier'
The anti-Vietnam War documentary Winter Soldier is having its first major theatrical release -- 34 years after it was made. It focuses on a three-day gathering in 1971 when Vietnam veterans, including former Marine pilot Rusty Sachs, told of the atrocities they had participated in or witnessed during the war.
Democracy Now! | "The Fall of the House of Bush: The Untold Story of How a Band of True Believers Seized the Executive Branch, Started the Iraq War, and Still Imperils America’s Future”
The Online NewsHour: Social Security Reform
Online NewsHour, Social Security Reform
Modern History Sourcebook: The Bill of Rights, 1689
FBI says, "No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11" » Blog Archive » Bill of Rights Under Bush: A Timeline
Orcinus-Bush, the Nazis and America
Keith Olbermann Jaws2
Keith Olbermann's Special Comments
 Rogues Gallery - the bad actors

Authoritarians - How can Dictatorships happen

       We think Psychopaths are like the serial killers in movies, but to operate without empathy is not to operate without intelligence

The Authoritarians
The greatest threat to American democracy today arises from a militant authoritarianism that has become a cancer upon the nation. This book is going to present the case for this!

Daily Kos: The Generation of Monsters

Phillip Zimbardo & John Boyd have a book called the Time Paradox that I think might address the notes DR Altemeyer makes about the above Blog entry. They have a Google talk here on the subject

I also cross posted it to my own blog
Conservatism As Identity Politics--Intro
MyDD :: Rightwing Authoritarianism and Conservative Identity Politics (Pt 3 in the series)
Laird Wilcox on Extremist Traits
Patterns:: Rightwing Authoritarianism and Conservative Identity Politics (Pt 3 in the series)
Patterns That Connect
Red Family, Blue Family
RWA & Blogs.
The far left was always right?
AlterNet: The Psychology Behind the Worst Possible President
John Dean and K O
Psychohistory, the study of historical motivations
Psychohistory, the study of historical motivations, The Institute for Psychohistory and The Journal of Psychohistory
MBTI Personality Test: Understanding Your MBTI or Myers Briggs Personality Type
An online personality quiz or test to introduce MBTI Myers Briggs concepts of personality type and cognitive style
Alice Miller - The Disastrous Consequences of Child Abuse and Mistreatment
Alice Miller, PhD in philosophy, psychology and sociology, as well as a researcher on childhood and author of twelve books, translated into thirty languages, has created this website with the goal to inform future parents and former victims about the disastrous consequences of child abuses
Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition - A Summary
Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition.
Patterns That Connect: SDOs
John Jost
John Jost, Associate Professor of Psychology
ABC News: Political Leaning May Be in Your Head
Political Leaning May Be in Your Head
The Authoritarian Personality in Contemporary American Politics — A Jewish Magazine, an Interfaith Movement
Alan Wolfe argues that the Authoritarian Personality studies, completed over half a century ago, have even greater relevance for understanding the contemporary politics of American Society.
Milgram Experiment (Derren Brown) - Watch & download
Milgram Experiment (Derren Brown) - Watch & download


Vulture Fund Threat to Third World Greg Palast 
Greg Palast, reporting for BBC, Harpers and more
Republican 'culture of corruption' - SourceWatch
Republican Corruption at the Federal Level.
When it comes to moral corruption among American politicians, Democrats are no match for the Republican champions of immorality.
In a 118 page report America for sale
14-points-Of Fascism


60 Terror plots From the Right

Rolling Back the 20th Century

The Apparat

"Lobby Shops for Turkmenistan: Will lie for money" by Ken Silverstein (Harper's Magazine)

Wiseguy: Last of the True Believers -
Looking for a copy of this as Fred Thompson tells the real story of the sociopath preacher and what the whole con game is about. This was vanished into the memory hole when Thompson ran for Senate as it was really him.

Republican values create child molesters
Republican values cause child molestation

The Spy Who Billed Me: Tide Change in Langley's Blue-Green Sea?
Outsourcing the War on Terror, including private military corporations, private intelligence corporations, private spies. By R J Hillhouse, Ph.D.

Refresh Your Memory: The GOP Has Always Been the Party of Perverts | Corrente

Sociopath true concern for welfare of others
Pulitzer winning Iconic photograph that so damaged the photographer that he committed suicide

Naomi Klein Disaster capitalism

List of Bush Scandals
hugh's list of bush scandals

Rush, Newspeak and Fascism: An exegesis

U.S. National Debt
National Debt

Chinese chemicals flow unchecked to market - International Herald Tribune
Chinese chemicals flow unchecked to market

YouTube - Republican Scandals of 2007
Read the list here: e-of-corruption-2007.htmlDirty old Republicans. Some scandals have been left...


The Politics of the Personal: Over the Edge | Campaign for America's Future

LobbyWatch - The Center for Public Integrity

The New Right-Wing Smear Machine
A web-savvy form of conservative propaganda, written anonymously and forwarded via e-mail, is altering the political landscape.

The Strategic Philanthropy of Conservative Foundations

Old Wine, New Bottles: Paper Terrorism, Paper Scams and Paper 'Redemption'

Truthdig - Reports - The Invisible War
2008/01/23 - It’s the deadliest conflict since World War II. More than 5 million people have died in the past decade, yet it goes virtually unnoticed and unreported in the United States. - The Invisible War

AmericanJudas: March 2007

Stealing Our Future: Conservatives, Foresight, and Why Nothing Works Anymore |

Impeach Cheney

WSJ Special:Hesselberg: How low can we go?

The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy Lives On: Examine Your E-mails |

Election Fraud - How elections are actually stolen

Project Censored Media democracy in action
Censored news, media democracy in action, The news that didn't make the news
 The Clint Curtis / Tom Feeney Vote-Rigging Scandal as Seen in the New E-Vote Documentary 'Eternal Vigilance'
20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA
DISPATCHES FROM THE FRONT LINES OF THE CLASS WAR Greg Palast's Armed Madhouse Portland Book Tour IN THE UNITED STA.... Sep 2, 2006.
The GOP's cyber election hit squad
The GOP's cyber election hit squad
Are Rove's missing e-mails the smoking guns
Are Rove's missing e-mails the smoking guns of the stolen 2004 election?social justice issues. Since 1970. 
ePluribus Media Community || Election Fraud. Or as Rove says, "THE Math"
Will any candidate touch election reform?
My Three Cents
What is gerrymandering
Cagy Criminals& Election Fraud
Scoop Features: World News Headlines
Scoop Provides up to the minute New Zealand News. Press Releases, Analysis, Opinion Pieces, all published the instant they are available
The Consortium
Gore Won Florida offers independent newsletters, discussion, and activism for Democratic voters and candidates who want political change. We also sell campaign web sites, contribution processing, and other Internet services.
Not That It Was Reported, but Gore Won
The Election Model by TruthIsAll
Rolling Stone :the election will be hacked 
Hacking Democracy
Democracy Now! | How to Rig an Election: Convicted Former GOP Operative Details 2002 New Hampshire Phone Jamming Scheme
We speak with former Republican operative Allen Raymond, who served time in federal prison for jamming phone lines of the New Hampshire Democratic Party in 2002 to block a Democratic get-out-the-vote campaign. Raymond has come out with a tell-all book called <i>How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative</i>. In addition to the phone-jamming scheme, Raymond details other Republican tactics such as the use of scripted, phony automated phone messages to try to play on white voters’ racial prejudices in a 2000 New Jersey congressional race. [includes rush transcript] 
Hand-Counted Ballots Favor Obama, Electronic Tallies Give Clinton the Edge - By Margie Burns

Dictatorship - What steps have been taken


George W Bush and the 14 points of fascism - Project for the OLD American Century
Eco - "Eternal Fascism: 14 Ways of Looking at a Blackshirt"
The 14 points of Fascism
The 14 points of Fascism.

Naomi Wolf: Fascist America, in 10 easy steps | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited
Astroturf blogging - SourceWatch
Bill Moyers | Life on the Plantation
CBC News: the fifth estate: The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney
American Vice-President Dick Cheney is one of the most powerful men in the world. CBC's the fifth estate shows how he rose to power, at what cost and what history's judgement could be. .
NewPR Wiki - AntiAstroturfing.HomePage
Edit This: How personal publishing is changing the PR practice - A PR wiki
Rolling Back the 20th Century
The Chronicle: 4/2/2004: A Fascist Philosopher Helps Us Understand Contemporary Politics
The New Yorker : fact : content
An in depth study of David Addington, and the drive for dictatorship under the guise of "Unitary Executive" powers
Toward Freedom - Bush Moves Toward Martial Law
Toward Freedom, a progressive perspective on world events
TPMmuckraker secrecylist
What you don't know can hurt you
KO-Daniel Levin-Waterboarding 1
KO-Daniel Levin-Waterboarding 2
YouTube - Keith Olbermann: Death of Habeas Corpus
YouTube - KO Special Comment In Favor of Free Speech
Democracy Now! | Former Black Panther Details Brutal Police Torture to Extract Confession in 1971 Murder Case
Two Nobel Peace Prize laureates are calling for all charges to be dropped against eight former Black Panthers arrested earlier this year for allegedly killing a San Francisco police officer over 35 years ago. Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Mairead Maguire said the charges against the San Francisco Eight should be dropped, because the case is based in part on statements made under torture. Harold Taylor, one of the co-defendants, gives a detailed and powerful account of the abuse he endured while in police custody. We also speak with Ray Boudreaux, another of  the San Francisco Eight, as well as their attorney.
Do your own Movie "V"
McCarran Act
The riot act they read you when they read you the riot act 
Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs'
All the talk about Obama's secret detention camps are true, but Obama did not plan or build them They were a system set forth mid Bush Administration and built by Cheney's Haliburton and KBR for reasons never made clear, and have not been dissolved as yet by the Obama Administration.Dec 2009.
The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis, by Bill Moyers - Google Video
This is the full length 90 min. version of Bill Moyer's 1987 scathing critique of the criminal subterfuge carried out by the Executive Branch... Feb 14, 2007.The prescient echoes are chilling
One woman's human rights "difficulties" 
Bill Moyers Journal: Poll: Civil Liberties and National Security
The whole book for those who have not already read it
Naomi Wolf: American Tears 
-I wish people would stop breaking into tears when they talk to me these days.
AlterNet: Blogs: Video: Bill Moyers:
 Cheney Has Been Fighting to Spy On You For Over 30 Years [VIDEO]
Bush isn't a moron, he's a cunning sociopath
George W. Bush's character
Capitol Hill Blue's The Rant: Bush on the Constitution: ‘It’s just a goddamned piece of paper’
YouTube - Interview - The End of America
Interview with Naomi Wolf author of "The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot"
YouTube - Talk by Naomi Wolf - The End of America
Talk by Naomi Wolf author of "The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot" given October 11, 2007 at Kane Hall on the University of Washington c...
FEMA Executive Orders
YouTube - FEMA Camp with Better Quality Video
FEMA Camp with Better Quality Video
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse: Rhode Island
Naomi Klein on Disaster Response for the Chosen
at-Largely: Mukasey's law...
by Larisa Alexandrovna: For journalists and others who like examining the landscape of investigative reporting.
When Change Is Not Enough: The Seven Steps To Revolution |


Tin foil hat stuff
KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation - Wikisource
Reality vs. perception management: the tinfoil controversy
The CIA's Secret Manual on Coercive Qestioning
Mike Ruppert - CIA and Drug Running (1997)
From The Wilderness Publications Home Page
From The Wilderness Publications has been as much as a year ahead of the mainstream media on major stories. Now, as the world is undergoing one of the biggest changes in human history we find that attitudes and positions we have been writing about for four years like the dependence of the global economy and financial markets on laundered drug money are finding their way into mainstream press reports and adademic circles. The events since September 11, 2001 have shown that FTW has been ahead of the curve in predicting the current crisis. We offer our readers a unique and accurate map of how the world works, unfiltered by perconception or ideology. Now you can join the major media, politicians and academics from around the world who come to us for perspective and information they can get no place else except From The Wilderness. 
The Mystery of Minot: Loose nukes and a cluster of dead airmen raise troubling questions | This Can't Be Happening!
The BCCI Affair - 11 BCCI, The CIA and Foreign Intelligence
PurpleWiki: Home Page

futurists - What we Sould be doing

Randy Pauch's last lecture - Change the world by how you live your life
City Planet, Stewart Brand, Seminars About Long Term Thinking - Google Video
Robert W. Fuller, Patient Revolution: Human Rights Past and Future, SALT talk - Google Video
TED | Talks | Amy Smith: Simple designs that could save millions of childrens' lives (video)
TED Talks Fumes from indoor cooking fires kill more than 2 million children a year in the developing world. MIT engineer <a href="/index.php/speakers/view/id/3" target="_blank">Amy Smith</a> details an exciting but simple solution: a tool for converting farm waste into cleaner-burning fuel. Plain-spoken and passionate, Smith talks about some other tools she and her students are creating, including an incubator that stays warm without electricity and a grain mill that frees women from hours of grinding every day. These are basic tools with world-changing results. 
The Next American City
Dignitarian Foundation - Conversation with Robert W. Fuller
'The Dignitarian Foundation protects and promotes dignity for everyone. Learn how you can identify and help put a stop to everyday abuses of power that deny some people this basic human right. 

Activists - Who is leading the good fight or tracking bad guys

About the Center for Responsive Politics
The Center for Responsive Politics is a non-partisan, non-profit research group based in Washington, D.C. that tracks money in politics, and its effect on elections and public policy
Blogs | Sunlight Foundation
The Center for Constitutional Rights is the premiere legal institution of the progressive movement. 
Media That Matters Film Festival: 6
An image captures a feeling, a story shares a message, a movie becomes a movement. Media That Matters brings you 16 inspiring films by youth and independent filmmakers committed to changing the world, in 8 minutes or less.
Perrspectives: Resources
 Perspectives provides unique commentary, analysis and satire on the state of American politics and culture. 
The Conservative Movement Moves In

What went wrong

Mobile harbinger
The Harbinger. What Went Wrong ? How Progressive Voices are Muffled in America.
The Harbinger. What Went Wrong ? Part II.
The Harbinger. WHAT WENT WRONG ? - PART III.


Orcinus-Ron Paul
Open Left:: Ron Paul Reality Check-"Collectivism" And Racism
TPMmuckraker | Talking Points Memo | TPM's Ultimate Kerik Scandal List!
Orcinus-Ron Paul's record in Congress
Progressive Values Video Documentary Project
60 Terror plots From the Right
Southern Poverty Law Center: Since the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, about 60 right-wing terrorist plots have been uncovered in the U.S.
Thinking Points Discussion of Chapter 1: Winning and Losing — Rockridge Nation
The Rockridge Institute has prepared a handbook for progressives, called Thinking Points, to help us better express our values and vision. In this first installment of an eight-part series, we will learn about the resources and insights in Thinking Points that enhance our abilities and improve our strategies when working toward a more fair and just tomorrow.
A Blog Around The Clock : Framing Science - the Dialogue of the Deaf
The Arctic Beacon Audio Archives
The Arctic Beacon, The Last Frontier Of Truth!
Crazy As A Loon
Let Sibel Edmonds Speak
Bush Promised Us Humility; Brought Us Humiliation
Project Censored Media Democracy in Action
Censored news, media democracy in action, The news that didn't make the news 
Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies - Who We Are - Sitemap
White House Correspondents Dinner with Stephen Colbert
2006 White House Correspondents Dinner with Stephen Colbert - Google Video 
The greatest thing Colbert ever did, and perhaps the funniest as well.
Talk To Action | PBS Revelation: Network's 'Wall Of Separation' Has Religious Right Genesis
YouTube - Scott Ritter: Definding Real American values Get and read Scott Ritter's new book "Waging Peace." 
YouTube - Scott Ritter - Target Iran - Part 1 
"War will not solve any problem we face with Iran."Scott Ritter, former Major of the US Marines and Chief UNSCOM Weapons Inspector in Iraq, 
Scott Ritter impeach!
Ritter was the U.N. Lead Weapons Inspector in Iraq from 1991-1999. He has written several books on U.S. policy in Iraq and Iran. 
The New Vision - Theodore C. Sorensen
Common Sense Magazine
The Existentialist Cowboy: Bush Claims Power to Wage War on US Citizens
Words of Power: Hard Rain Journal 3-25-07: DoJ Purge Update: Four Blockbusters that Have Not Hit -- YET
Naomi Klein
America's oldest and most widely read weekly journal of progressive political and cultural news, opinion and analysis.
A Conversation With Stephen Colbert
YouTube - Big Easy to Big Empty
August 29th 2006 marked the one year anniversary of the devastation in New Orleans caused by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This Special Greg Palast Rep...
Free Expression: 2008: On It's Way To Being Stolen: Greg Palast, RFK, Jr., and Randi Rhodes, NYC, 5/1/07
Council for a Livable World
A Prescription for Peace
The Democratic Party | Community Blogs | Member Posts
Wikileaks - Wikileaks
Project Censored Media Democracy in Action
Censored news, media democracy in action, The news that didn't make the news 
Paul Rusesabagina Rwanda Massacre
In conversation with Georgette Gagnon, Deputy Director of the Africa Division, Human Rights Watch. Paul Rusesabagina, the man whose heroi.... Apr 21, 2006. 
GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Terry George, Director; Don Cheadle, Actor; Paul Rusesabagina, Former Manager, Hotel Mille Collines; Trailer and 2 cli.... Nov 26, 2004. 
ConyersBlog | John Conyers for Congress
at-Largely: Alan Dershowitz was against Nazis before he was for them?
by Larisa Alexandrovna: For journalists and others who like examining the landscape of investigative reporting. 
Paul Krugman: The Great Lending Freeze Dec '07
Paul Krugman during the Miami book fair  in Dec '07 instead of talking about his book went on a "hair on fire" speech about the coming economic collapse laying out details the rest of us got slapped with a year later
Scholars and Rogues » Cacophony
We live in sad and stupid times. Our government seeks to outsource all its functions, including those necessarily secret, to people who’d make it a theocracy. Corporations seek nothing less than monopoly while they serve a government that spies on its own citizens while allowing America’s technology to be siphoned off by foreign governments. And the media preens and poses while failing to ask the hard questions of trained thugs government officials who think of waterboarding as an acceptable means of persuasion for persons who act recalcitrant toward extraordinary rendition.… 
AlterNet: Rights and Liberties: Naomi Wolf's Guide to Restoring Liberty in America
The Politics of the Personal: Growing Up Idahoan | Campaign for America's Future
The BEAST: America's Best Fiend
Dissing nearly everyone 
The Definition of what it mean to be a liberal by a guy who was murdered for being one
Project Censored Media Democracy in Action
Censored news, media democracy in action, The news that didn't make the news

Religion dominionist etc - The Press for Theocracy in America and the World

 Mass Murder For Jesus - the Dominionist threat
First of three part series outlining the Theocratic Christian movement to install what it calls Biblical Law that would give the Death Penalty for a wide range of "crimes" and "thought crimes" from being gay, to just being ornery, or even thinking them "Unchristian". In actual practice of their fantasy it would resemble Khmer Rouge Cambodia, but on a larger scale.
The Rise of Dominionism - Remaking America as a Christian Nation
 More detailed history and flavors of Dominionism
Talk To Action |The Christian Right, Dominionism, and Theocracy 
Talk To Action | Deconstructing Reconstructionists
Talk To Action | What the 'Left Behind' Series Really Means
YouTube - Dominion Theology 5 parts
A quick primer on Dominionist theology

Chris Hedges-You Tube talk on Dominionists
Outing Creeping Dominionism
EMAIL I JUST RECEIVED-god is liberal
frontline: Kahanists   
The Jewish version of Dominionists& Islamists 
In the Beginning God Created An Open Society

Valley Advocate: Their Will Be Done
The WAWG Blog » Church/State Separation
Where Are We Going, America? How close are we to becoming a single-party authoritarian state and who is leading us there? 
Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party is a non-proft public information group committed to exposing the rise of the radical religious right as a political force in the Republican Party. 
The Army of God
The Washington Spectator Storyof folks ooout to end church state seperation

AlterNet: Secret Society
Abortion and Sex-Slavery' Scandal
Separation of Church and State Home Page
The Wall of Separation » Blog Archive » PBS Revelation: Network's 'Wall Of Separation' Has Religious Right Genesis
Dominionism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Americans United: July 07 Fringe Festival
Murder in the Vatican, The revolutionary Life and Death of John Paul I
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
American Prospect Online - The Goy Who Cried Wolf
Houston - News - Doctor Nice
Friday, June 3, 8 a.m. Carol Costello is sitting in for Soledad O'Brien on CNN's American Morning. Today, there's hard-hitting stuff: Brooke Shields's postpartum depression. Shields just professed in
Special Voucher Report - Rethinking Schools Online
Road to Dominionism, 1991 is a non-proft public information group committed to exposing the rise of the radical religious right as a political force in the Republican Party.
Do Religious Physicians Disproportionately Care for the Underserved? -- Curlin et al. 5 (4): 353 -- Annals of Family Medicine
Bible Study for Atheists: Welcome to Bible Study for Atheists (BS4A)
Update: 6/9/07: Bush's Blackwater, an armed and deadly mercenary Christian army | Capitol Hill Blue
The Rise of Blackwater USA npr
Blackwater USA is a secretive private army based in North Carolina with a sole owner: Erik Prince, a right-wing Christian multimillionaire. Jeremy Scahill talks about his book Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army.
Blackwater book
religion as power not
Ann Coulter and Justice Antonin Scalia to Synagogue - Jews Are Safer with Christians in Charge
The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) called on media to stop inviting Ann Coulter as a guest commentator and strongly condemned her comments that Jews should be 'perfected' by accepting the New Testament and that America would be better off if Judaism were 'thrown away' and all Americans were Christian. 'While Ann Coulter has freedom of speech, news outlets should exercise their freedom to use better judgment,'
Rush, Newspeak and Fascism & Nine traits of a cult
Monty Python Universe
Truthdig - Reports - The Cancer From Within
2007/11/07 - Retired Air Force Col. David Antoon investigates the evangelical Christian takeover of the military, where proselytizing has become institutionalized and religious ideology threatens to supersede the values of the Constitution. - The Cancer From Within
Cleveland - News - Jesus for Sale
It was the moment Rex Humbard had been waiting for &mdash; his final day of judgment, the moment he'd come face to face with the Lord he'd so passionately invoked for more than 60 years. Since 1953,
The Galileo Project | Christianity | The Inquisition
Opinion | Blackwater: bulging biceps fueled by ideological purity | Seattle Times Newspaper
Thought Theater: Faith vs. Fact: No To Science - The Bible Tells Me So?
NOVA | Intelligent Design on Trial | Watch the Program | PBS
Wedge strategy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bishop Robinson

Sangh Parivar

Hindu Dominionists
Tehelka:: Free. Fair. Fearless
Just Jo: Gujarat 2002 - Exposed and proven by Tehelka

Religious activists

The Wedge at Work
The Wedge at Work
Street Prophets :: Faith and Politics
Fundy Magic: Quotes Ahoy! « Fitness for the Occasion
Bill Gothard - General Teachings/Activities
Wedge document - EvoWiki
NOVA | Intelligent Design on Trial | Watch the Program | PBS
Do Unto Others - A guide to striking back at the Religious Right
Do Unto Others - A guide to striking back at the Religious Right


Katrina, 9/11 and Iraq -- An Almost Incomprehensible Truth
Democracynow 2nd anniversery
Palast - Big Easy to Big Empty
August 29th 2006 marked the one year anniversary of the devastation in New Orleans caused by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This Special Greg Palast Rep...
Palast-Hurricane George
Reporters Gone Wild
Look at Anderson Cooper getting funky.. Apr 1, 2005, from Salon. View it on Google Video.
Washed Away? Justice in New Orleans
After Katrina: Two Years Later Over the past two years, Urban Institute researchers have made the ongoing impact of and recovery from Hurricane Katrina one of the Institute’s primary focuses. At the second anniversary of Katrina’s devastation of the Gulf Coast region, where do we stand? For a complete list of UI papers and publications related to Katrina, please visit our web site: For recent work, see afterkatrina/2yearslater.
Rapture Rescue 911: Disaster Response for the Chosen -
Rapture Rescue 911: Disaster Response for the Chosen
Gone are the days of equal protection. Intense natural disasters like the California wildfires are being met with a new model: privatized disaster response.
Chapter 20: Disaster Apartheid | Naomi Klein


Governing by Network is tantamount to Corporatism
The Populist Party of America works for a Constitutional Democracy, with the Bill of Rights serving to protect the liberties of all people.

health care

SiCKO Nation: From Bake Sales to Bankruptcy | Diatribune
Public vs private health care , what cost?
Infant mortality,1979-2004 oced
life expectancy vs health spending chart
Life and Death in the Land of Opportunity - U.S. has second worst newborn death rate in modern world, report says - May 10, 2006
An estimated 2 million babies die within their first 24 hours each year worldwide and the United States has the second worst newborn mortality rate in the developed world, according to a new report.
The Gapminder World 2006
N C H S - FASTATS - Life Expectancy
Health for money2006.pdf (application/pdf Object)
AIDS Chart 2004 preview
Judge: Life Support For Man, 68, Can Be Removed - Houston News Story - KPRC Houston
Toward Higher-Performance Health Systems: Adults' Health Care Experiences in Seven Countries, 2007
Health insurer tied bonuses to dropping sick policyholders - Los Angeles Times
One of the state's largest health insurers set goals and paid bonuses based in part on how many individual policyholders were dropped and how much money was saved.
Snapshots: Health Care Spending in the United States and OECD Countries
Analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation examines the level and growth rate of health care spending in the United States and in other nations.
OECD Health Data 2007: Statistics and Indicators for 30 Countries
Just released: OECD Health Data 2007 is a comprehensive, interactive database of comparable statistics on the health economies of the OECD countries.
family database
Physicians for a National Health Program - Health Care is a Human Right
An orgaization of 14,000 American physicians advocating for single-payer national health insurance.
Health system attainment and performance in all Member States
So . . . what's this here single-payer health care thing all about anyway?
The U.S. has the best health care system in the world
A liberal essay rebutting the myth that the U.S. has the best health care system in the world.
can't make it here anymore

middleclass war

A detailed account of just one of the scams that destroyed the American Economy

The Republican lie about America 
For Richer - Paul Krugman 
Paul Krugman-what is liberal-DN
Paul Krugman on the Great Wealth Transfer : Rolling Stone
 Why doesn't Bush get credit for the strong economy? That question has been asked over and over... 
Milton Freidman unmasked
The Betrayal of Adam Smith
Wealth Happens
path dependence, system dynamics, success to the successful, systems thinking, concentration of wealth, <br />
US Wealth Distribution Data (1998)
The L-Curve: A Graph of the US Income Distribution
 The US Income distribution does not look like a 
wealth.pdf (application/pdf Object)
James K. Galbraith, CC Goldwater, Sam Tanenhaus, Jeff Madrick, John P. Diggins, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Hendrik Hertzberg - Moderated by Sean Wilentz
Dodd urges mandatory community service - Yahoo! News
Democratic presidential hopeful Chris Dodd is issuing a call for community service that aims to create the first generation in which everyone serves their country. 
Recent income gains went to those with highest income
The Crashing U.S. Economy Held Hostage
Richard C. Cook: Challenger Revealed
Web site of Richard C. Cook, a NASA analyst who testified before the Presidential Commission on the dangers of the solid rocket booster O-ring seals after the Challenger disaster of January 28, 1986. His book, Challenger Revealed: An Insider’s Account of How the Reagan Administration Caused the Greatest Tragedy of the Space Age, is a first-person narrative based on his experiences at NASA. Cook is now a writer, speaker, and consultant on public policy issues, organizational change, and conflict resolution. 
Big Medicine: Corporate Personhood
"Through a glass, darkly: How the Christian right is reimagining U.S. history" by Jeff Sharlet (Harper's Magazine)
2005 Incomes, on Average, Still Below 2000 Peak - New York Times
The average income in 2005 was $55,238, nearly 1 percent less than the $55,714 in 2000, after adjusting for inflation. 
Relative hourly compensation 1979-2004
Download tables and figures | The State of Working America
Download tables and figures | The State of Working America
EPL-69-304-2005.pdf (application/pdf Object) - Research Library: Wealth Charts
United for a Fair Economy is a national, independent, nonpartisan organization that puts a spotlight on the dangers of growing income, wage and wealth inequality in the United States and coordinates action to reduce the gap. Unspinning the FairTax
Unspinning the FairTax. We look at the numbers behind the numbers. Security
Lies in the E-mail, Part 2. By Brooks Jackson 
United Stated National Debt
Gross National Debt
gross national debt 
Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine - Democracy now
The Shock Doctrine Short Film | Naomi Klein
Resources | Naomi Klein
"Dependency Theory: An Introduction," Vincent Ferraro, Mount Holyoke College, July 1966
Joe Bageant
Atlantic Free Press - Hard Truths for Hard Times - The Basic Income Guarantee and Monetary Reform: A Tale of Two Ideas
Atlantic Free Press - Hard Truths for Hard Times, by Richard C. Cook “The Basic Income Guarantee and Monetary Reform: A Tale of Two Ideas” A speech to the U.S. BIG Network Annual Conference in New York on February 23, 2007, by Richard C. Cook Today I am here to talk about another of my interests—the link between proposals for a Basic Income Guarantee
Democracy Now! | Gap, Mattel, Speedo, Wal-Mart Products Linked to Child and Sweatshop Labor in China and India
Confessions of a Wal-Mart Hit Man
Confessions of a Wal-Mart Hit Man. Extended Bonus Scenes From Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price a Robert Greenwald Film. May 2, 2006. 
The Battle For America, Full Throttle Edition
Margie Burns :: They're drowning the economy in the bathtub
Bush Tax Cuts After 2002: June 2002 CTJ Analysis
CTJ is a non-profit research and advocacy group focusing on federal, state and local tax policy 
SourceOECD: OECD Figures
War on Greed: Starring Henry Kravis
Democracy Now! | "Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (And Stick You with the Bill)" 
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston joins us to talk about his new book, "Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (And Stick You with the Bill)." Johnston reveals how government subsidies and new regulations have quietly funneled money from the poor and the middle class to the rich and politically connected.
New Rules Project - Retail - Tax Increment Financing - TIF Reform
When used to off-set the high costs of redeveloping blighted sites in poor neighborhoods, Tax Increment Financing (TIF) can be an effective economic development tool. However, all too often, cities are using TIF to underwrite projects in affluent areas, to subsidize construction on undeveloped land, and to finance big-box retail. 
Bill Moyers Journal . Watch & Listen | PBS
Tariq Ali Rights and Needs
The Chicago Reporter Disappearing Act
Poverty Is Poison - New York Times
To be poor in America today, even more than in the past, is to be an outcast in your own country. And that, the neuroscientists tell us, is what poisons a child’s brain.


Work After Capitalism-neomarxist
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Reynolds Rap
About the sexual trails of Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, and Mel Reynolds.
George Bush Accomplishments
Iraqgate 2003 - Lies as a pretext for war
The Hegel Society of America: Hegel Links
CNP Database
William Blackstone: Of the Nature of Laws in General
Full online text of William Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-1769), second edition with corrections and all footnotes.
Family Security Matters
FSM is dedicated to men and women who are seeking answers to the most important question of our time: How to keep our families and our country safe and secure. Here you can find the vital information, the understanding and the solutions you need to conquer fear and combat the enemies who threaten our freedom!
Bush: President for Life | Clipmarks
what... the... fuck.
Civilization defined and explained in plain English
An explanation of civilization that repairs the omission of all previous works on the subject by defining civilization.
HB 282 - History of Actions/Background

Iraq and me

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Rumors of War (Letter from an Afghan-American)
Tamim Ansary's 'Letter from an Afghani'
Bin Laden wanted US to invade Iraq, author says - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Rajiv Chandrasekaran life in Emerald city
Rajiv Chandrasekaran- Life in the Iraq "Green Zone"
Brian speaks to Rajiv Chandrasekaran of the Washington Post about the sometimes-surprising policies put in place by civilian decision-makers. Chandrasekaran ...
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Rajiv Chandrasekaran
Rajiv Chandrasekaran-The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 1
Rajiv Chandrasekaran lecture
The Ground Truth: The Human Cost of War
Hearts and minds
Tender Mercenaries: DynCorp and Me
Declassified_NIE_Key_Judgments.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Nir Rosen: Anatomy of a Civil War
An article by Nir Rosen from Boston Review, November/December 2006
Arms Control Today:ritter: The Case for Iraq's Qualitative Disarmament
Betraying Our Troops: The Destructive Results of Privatizing War
The Soldier's story
What Every American Should Know About Iraq -
Annals of Justice: Outsourcing Torture: The New Yorker
The secret history of America&#8217;s &#8220;extraordinary rendition&#8221; program.
'Iraq was awash in cash. We played football with bricks of $100 bills' | Iraq | Guardian Unlimited
Follow the Money Project
This is a project of IAVA, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, designed to follow the money to see if support is reaching the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Iraqs Missing Billions
The Great Iraq Swindle: : Rolling Stone
How is it done? How do you screw the taxpayer for millions, get away with it and then ride off into...
Downsizing in Disguise
Billions over Baghdad: Politics & Power:
Between April 2003 and June 2004, $12 billion in U.S. currency&#8212;much of it belonging to the Iraqi people&#8212;was shipped from the Federal Reserve to Baghdad, where it was dispensed by the Coalition Provisional Authority. Some of the cash went to pay for projects and keep ministries afloat, but, incredibly, at least $9 billion has gone missing, unaccounted for, in a frenzy of mismanagement and greed. Following a trail that leads from a safe in one of Saddam's palaces to a house near San Diego, to a P.O. box in the Bahamas, the authors discover just how little anyone cared about how the money was handled. - Top Bush officials push case against Saddam - September 8, 2002
Top officials in the Bush administration took to the Sunday television talk shows to argue the president's case that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is a global threat and must go.
YouTube - US lies - 1 of youtube's most popular videos
well, we have come to adapt to the lies that USA spreads to the world and its own people.. i wonder when the world will wake up.. what does one have to do to...
Bob Dylan - Masters of War
I'm very happy with this one.Thank you for watching.
In war, some facts less factual |
Some US assertions from the last war on Iraq still appear dubious.
Iraq | Center for Media and Democracy
Democracy Now! | “Shock Doctrine” Author Naomi Klein on State-Sanctioned Torture and Disaster Response for the Chosen
A pointless attack on liberty that fuels the terror threat | Comment | Guardian Unlimited Politics
New Statesman - What I saw in Fallujah
Dahr Jamail set out to report the truth about the US invasion of Iraq and its terrible impact on daily life. Determined to remain independent of the army, he embedded himself instead with the Iraqi people
Dahr Jamail's Weblog: The Iraq war has become a disaster that we have chosen to forget
An independent US reporter and photographer bringing news and photography of the occupation of Iraq back to his country. The truth in pictures and reality in words of the war in Iraq is often missed by mainstream media in the US. Dahr provides the Iraqi and US military perspective of the people actually in Iraq fighting the war.
This proves he knew ten years before he lied us into this war that, 1) we would end up absolutely alone in the occupation, that no count.... Aug 20, 2007.
The Iraq War: Legal or Illegal?
The Iraq War: Legal or Illegal?
Informed Comment
History, Foreign Policy, Middle East, South Asia, Religious Studies, War on Terror
frontline: rumsfeld's war: maps: u.s. military deployment 1969 to the present: 1969 - 1974 | PBS
Iraq: The War Card - The Center for Public Integrity


What Do We Feed to Food-Production Animals? A Review of Animal Feed Ingredients and Their Potential Impacts on Human Health
Suicide Food: 5 nooses


9/11: Press for Truth - Google Video
Released September 8th; a video from the families who fought to create The 9/11 Comission -- and succeeded Headline: LA Weekly reported M.... Sep 28, 2006.


the state of the oceans
Local California news from the Bay Area to Southern California. No one covers California better than the Los Angeles Times.
Climate Change 2001
The Scientific Basis
Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
Synthesis Report
British Antarctic Survey - Homepage
The British Antarctic Survey is one of the world's leading environmental research centres and is responsible for the UK's national scientific activities in Antarctica.
Anti-global heating claims - a reasonably thorough debunking
YouTube - Farming With Nature - Permaculture
Permaculture Farmer Sepp Holzer in Austria has created a 45 hectar sized permaculture landscape - the biggest and most successful in Europe. This clip is a p...
Permaculture is a design-based approach to practical sustainability, using systems thinking and approaches that combine regenerative ethics .... Oct 10, 2007.
Key Facts about America's Road and Bridge Conditions and Federal Funding
Fireworks Splice HTML

Poverty action

Home - Roots & Shoots : Engaging and empowering youth with service learning projects.
Roots & Shoots engages and inspires youth through community service and service learning. Founded by Dr. Jane Goodall, this global program emphasizes the principle that knowledge leads to compassion, which inspires action.
Light Up The World Foundation :: HOME
Light Up The World Foundation is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to provide funding and facilitation for the development of renewable energy and illumination for the world’s poor.
The Gapminder World 2006, beta
Interactive Poverty Map

to read

Edward R. Murrow, See it Now (CBS-TV, March 9, 1954)
Guide to Federal Records - Records of the Commissions on Organization of the Executive
Records of the Commissions on Organization of the Executive in the holdings of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. From the Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the U.S.
BBC - Radio 4 Document - Greenham's Hidden Secret
Latest programme of Document, this week:Dioviding Cyprus
Keith Olbermann | Go to Iraq and Fight, Mr. President
The Curious Mind | Articles / Thinking As A Hobby
San Francisco Bay Guardian : Article : Censored!
The San Francisco Bay Guardian Online, Featuring the Best of the Bay and independent reporting on San Francisco
About Life and Debt
Cliff Schecter: Why We Need A War On Greed - Politics on The Huffington Post
Why We Need A War On Greed - The Huffington Post
AlterNet: Health and Wellness: Moody Is the New Bipolar
CBS News Video - Top Stories and Video News Clips at
CBS News video brings you today's news videos online. Search for clips of top stories, as well as video from 60 Minutes, The Early Show, 48 Hours, and the CBS Evening News, or browse our archive of video clips
ZEITGEIST, The Movie - Official Release - Full Film
Complete Book: "FORGOTTEN FOUNDERS, Benjamin Franklin, the Iroquois and the Rationale for the American Revolution," By Bruce E. Johansen
United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary


Payday Loans - Predatory Lending Association (PLA)
Payday loan information from the Predatory Lending Association. Helping predatory lenders extract maximum profit with from the working poor with payday loans.
Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over' | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
WASHINGTON, DC—Mere days from his inauguration, president-elect Bush vowed to undo the damage not done by the Clinton Administration.

MSM vs fact

JOHN TIRMAN Anatomy of a Hatchet Job (the National Journal article)