Lawman Comics

LAWMAN was one of the many Western series which dominated television in the late 1950's thru most of the 1960's.  The black & white, half-hour show ran for four seasons, from 1958 and thru 1962.  

In the option of critics, LAWMAN, along with Maverick, represented  the best of the Warner's Westerns which dominated ABC in the late 50's through mid-60's, although we liked them all.  Where Maverick was a delightful, light-hearted romp with occasional serious moments, Lawman was a straightforward serious Western with occasional light moments.  The half-hour format, almost unheard of today for a drama, required a compact, no frills story.  There was little time for romance or development of secondary characters.

The stand-out quality of Lawman may be attributed in great part to the efforts of the two stars both of whom came to the series as excellent horsemen and gun handlers as well as actors dedicated to their craft. 


John Russell, a 6'4", ex-Marine with the most compelling steely gaze on television, embodied the courageous, no-nonsense Marshal Dan Troop.  Russell reportedly modeled the character after a superior in the Marine Corps.  Russell was thirty-seven when the series started, only fourteen years older than his young co-star.  However, he saw Dan Troop as an experienced,  tempered lawman in his mid to late forties.  To that end, he added gray to his hair and played the character a decade older than he himself was, something not common in youth conscious show business.

Peter Brown, a 6 footer, had no problem playing a character four or five years younger than his already youthful twenty-three.  [The producer has said that Johnny McKay was intended to be only eighteen when the series started.  The series debuted on Peter's 23rd birthday which means he was 22 when the first episodes were filmed. 

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