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Free Com

Two of our Division's 'FREE' sites,

quick overview;

Free Web

Free Web

Free Web Ed

brings learners & educators

together in a global audio-video classroom.

If you have access to a mobile phone (cell phone)

you can begin learning now!

On YouTube EDU, you have access to a

broad set of free educational videos

that range from academic lectures

to inspirational speeches &

everything in between.

Along with the extensive libraries of

free Ebooks and downloadable

Audio books ( mp3 ) this creates your personal

learning headquarters for the conscientious,

self-motivated students of all levels.

K-12, college & university, Lifelong learning

all free for your education & reading pleasure.

Children who listen to books

Read more books.


We're Growing Globally !

If you drink raisin water daily ,

place 8-10 dark raisins in a glass of water the night before

and drink it first thing in the morning for 30 days,

you will improve skin, clean out plaque ++++

This is a very E Z substitute for times

when Beet Juice,Mangosteen Juice are cost prohibitive

or not available.

Free Web Med


Lung, Breast cancer, Colon, Prostate are

types of cancers that are


Get out in front of it,

don't wait for it !

Be Pro-Active not Reactionary !

I know I dropped the ball on what 'mom' taught

me: taking cod liver oil ! Now in inexpensive

capsule form. 2 caps in a.m. & again in p.m.

for 3 days then adjust down is what I do.

'One third (1/3)of all cancers come from environmental

effects, two thirds (2/3) come from DNA'.

Nobel laureate

H.Robert Horvitz Ph.D