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Clash Royale hack cheats

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posted Jun 15, 2016, 1:45 AM by Ahl Lawda   [ updated Jun 15, 2016, 1:46 AM ]

Anyone who takes more than a month playing continuously Clash Royale will have noticed that, at a certain point, we can not keep raising letters level for one simple reason: we do not have enough gold. Most players only spend up cards from his deck so when you want to experience or modify any letters they realize they can not because the other cards have them at a very low level, plus level up letters gives us experience that allows us to reach a higher level and therefore makes our towers have more life and do more damage. So today we bring you how to get gold quickly in Clash Royale .

The first thing to know is that since the last update game Supercell there are 4 ways to get gold in Clash Royale gem hack : opening chests, gold buying in the store, donating cards and winning games.

Save gems

It seems silly but not imagine the amount of gold that can be achieved in Clash Royale saving 60 gems and gold buying 1000. A first impression does not seem to change radically change the game but assuming we put no money in it, is the most profitable way to spend the gems. There are only two ways to spend gems: buying gold or opening chests, and if you do get to think not worth spending 18 gems instantly open a chest of silver (or 48 gems for one of gold for example) and no speak to gather the amount of gems would cost to buy a chest in the shop (for after you leave mortars).

For all this sensible is the time that we collect 60 gems to buy 1000 gold .

Dona letters to your fellow Clash Royale

A priori may seem stupid letters donate because you could use them to improve yours but is the best way to get gold quickly. We donate 5 gold letters received by each donated 50 gold and special letter for each common letter. Given this and depending on the league where we are (as the higher league more cards can donate and ask) we can easily get 2000 gold a week donating only community cards if you imagine the loot we can donating collect special cards.

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