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Here is the entire list of music that is the focus of this website. I originally just added each link as I came across it, but I will definitely be revisiting this page and organizing it a lot better when I get a chance to.

10+100 Creative Commons Christmas Songs: a list of 128 songs that are/were freely and legally available to download. The list was made last year, and I think some things have changed this year; I have been able to download a few dozen songs from this site, but certainly nowhere near 128. There are still some gems to be found there.

The 8bits of Christmas: 8 Christmas tunes composed on 8 different old school video game consoles. Need I say more?

Diorisiy - Christmas Carols: Wonderful Christmas Carols taking us into the world of the tales, angels and faith; performed by Diorisiy, out of his experience as priest, in the Dreamland (Community of Vissarion, Siberia).

Goyette Christmas Carolers: Seems to require a free registration to access the MP3s, but there are a total of 14 songs to be found here.

Oilville Christmas Dynasty: From the same website as above, so it also requires registration. 39 (!) songs here, and I can tell you that there is quite a wide range of music featured here.

Royalty Free Holiday/Christmas Music: 12 songs, including 4 that were added this year. What's interesting about this site is that it includes brief descriptions of the style of each song, such as "Bright, Calming, Mystical" and "Calming, Dark".

Feels like Christmas: Has MP3s in four categories: Traditional Instrumental, Traditional Vocal, Contemporary Instrumental and Contemporary Vocal. Unlike the Creative Commons site, which is a compilation of songs from around the Internet (much like I intend this site to be), all MP3s on Feels like Christmas were submitted by the artists themselves.

NORAD Tracks Santa 2006: has Christmas Music performed by the United States Air Force Academy Band and Christmas Music performed by the Naden Band of Maritime Forces Pacific of the Canadian Navy from Esquimalt, British Columbia.

Garritan Christmas Music Player: Each of these orchestral recordings were made not with large, live orchestras in vast recording studios at huge expense, but rather were created by a single person working on a computer. Sounds very interesting, and I can't wait to hear the results.

New Christmas Music!: Has Original Songs and Old Favourites.

Free Christmas Music: MP3s, MIDI & Scores: Has the same categories as Feels Like Christmas, but (and please correct me if I'm wrong) with some different songs. Also contains a newly written song for 2006 called "Sound the Bells".

Christmas Music by Gary Sundblad: "Me and My Drum" CD: Has 3 full-length songs available for download.

Internet Archive Search: Christmas: You'll have to do a bit more work here, as there is quite a large number of results (more than 250 as I write this), but there's a lot of live Christmas music to pick and choose from. Also, keep in mind that this is a link to a search for pages with the word "Christmas" in them; try altering it to "Rudolph", "Silver Bells", or something else if there is a specific song you are searching for.  Most of the results have just one or two Christmas songs out of a whole concert; I will try to highlight some particularly noteworthy results below.

MP3 downloads of Harp Music: The harpist's name is Sally Fletcher, and there is more than just Christmas music on this site. Each MP3 download is located on a separate page that also includes some information about the song. has a collection of Secular Christmas Music. From what I can see, anything with a little heart icon has downloadable music; the rest have freely streamable music. Feel free to hunt around there, but I'll do some of the work for you and list each artist that has downloadable music, with the number of downloadable songs in parentheses (I've also included the relevant pages in the search engine):

Similarly, also has a collection of Spiritual Christmas Music. Again, here are the artists with downloadable music:

Hairy Larry has a CD called The Gift, which has 9 classic Christmas carols performed on a single acoustic guitar.  The arrangements are absolutely beautiful, and I would recommend all lovers of music to check this out right away.