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I am a self-professed lover of Christmas music. Every year, I look forward to those few weeks before Christmas so that I can listen to the amazing melodies on albums by artists such as Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Garth Brooks, Burl Ives, and so many others. There's something very special about Christmas music that is able to transcend all notions of genre; I can be listening to a song by Run D.M.C. one minute and one by Spinal Tap the next.

No matter how much Christmas music I accumulate, I always like to have more. Beginning in 2006, I decided to see if I could find any Christmas music for free on the Internet. This website is the result of hours spent searching for free, legally downloadable Christmas music.  Here you will be able to browse through links to all of the websites I have found with such music; you will also be able to search just those sites with the help of a custom Google search engine.  I hope that the resources on this site will help you to spend less time searching for and more time listening to this wonderful, unique music.

Update: November 2007

For the first time in nearly a year, this site is being actively updated.  Things may be in a state of flux for a while, but the end result should be a much cleaner site that is much easier to use.  I'll try to do updates in such a way that the content of the site remains undisturbed; however, if you notice things that are really out of whack, please drop me a line.

I have taken most of the content off this front page to give it a somewhat cleaner look.  This site now has a companion blog, the latest post of which will always appear on this front page.  A search box at the top of each page is available to search through the entire list of sites that are linked to on this site.  To see the entire list of sites, click on Browse entire list in the site menu on the left.

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