Checks By Internet — WEB

The ePaymentExpress™ module allows you to process the payments that you accept via the Internet and realize significant improvement to your overall profitability.

By selecting this service you will...
implement ePaymentExpress™ so your customers are able to set up their payment via the Internet, using their invoice from you.

reduce processing costs, increase sales, and provide your customers with a cost-effective alternative to mailing payments or using
credit cards.

maximize your profitability with the only totally integrated payments solution in the industry!  All of your return items are automatically transmitted to our premier collection service at no charge.

benefit from the online comprehensive management tools.

utilize the ease of integration between this product and your accounting system.

No Web Hosting Fees...No Domain Registration Fees...

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - Cancel at Anytime!

One Time Setup fee for Online Payment Web Page: $99.00
Cost per transaction: 1% of transactions plus .37 cents
Monthly Maintenance Fee: $10.00

Now is the time to automate and accelerate your deposit process.  Contact us today for more information on how we can
improve your bottom line!

Rates subject to adjustment