Recurring-Billing for Landlords & Businesses

Tired of waiting for checks to arrive in the mail?

Now you can kick back and relax knowing that your payments will be there on time!

-- No Hassle Payment Collection --

Collect Payments Electronically! ~ Flexible Payment Scheduling!

Discover what many business owners already have.A better way to manage your cash flow using our Automated Recurring Billing with Intergrated Check Collection Services.

  • No additional equipment or software to buy or install with our Internet-based aplication.
  • Eliminate coupon books entirely!  After a one-time member set-up, the system runs automatically.  Only deal with the exceptions.
  • Allows your clients to automatically pay you according to your established schedule.
  • In addition to monthly debiting, you may debit weekly, bi-weekly and quarterly.
  • Electronically deposit into one or more banks from multiple franchises without ever driving to the bank.
  • We perform the collections of all bounced drafts.
  • Reports of deposits by date due.  This includes summary information of both the count and total dollar by day.
  • Receive your deposits faster.  Deposits are credited to your account electronically and returned items are reported to you by the third day after settlement, allowing for faster recovery of bounced drafts.
  • Access our secure Web Site 24/7
  • Reduce your bounced check charges!
  • Maintain control of your client's accounts.
  • Uncollected drafts are sent a demand letter if they cannot be collected electronically.

Example of service cost:

Setup/Application Fee (non-refundable): $25.00 Waived

Fee Per Presented Item: .27¢

Fee as Percentage of Check: .87%

Monthly Maintenance Fee: $10.00 ( Waived )

Example of a $500 monthly payment: ( $500 X .87% = $4.35 + .27¢ = $4.62 )   

After faxing your Auto-Recurring Agreement form please contact me and request your "Recurring Billing Authorization Form".  Furnish me with your company name, address and phone number and I will create and email you a custom authorization form for your customer to sign giving you permission to debit their accounts.

*Request Auto-Recurring Agreement Form

Available from any Federal Reserve Banks' Checking or Savings Account.

We have numerous industry specific businesses using our service.  The types of businesses that can best utilize Electronic Payments fall in to the following categories:
Monthly service providers
Periodic service providers
Lay-away installment payment programs
Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly
payment programs
Non-profit Donation-funded organizations
If your business type isn’t listed on our site, please contact us today to learn how you can benefit from our services.