Why Us?

Free Bad Check Collection Service
Fast Electronic Recovery
Daily Payments to Your Account
Friendly & Knowledgable Customer Service
Instant Web-Based Reporting
Daily Fraud Alerts on Bad Check Writers
Full Face Value Paid to you
No Monthly Fees
Bank Fee Reduction Program

We take the headache out of bad checks!

Accepting checks significantly increases your sales.  The reality is that 1-2% of those checks are going to bounce.  Why come unglued over the 1%?
We handle the returned checks for you.  We receive them quickly, and electronically.  Everything you need to know is faxed or e-mailed
to you daily… we do all the work!  And we deposit the full face value of the collected checks into your account daily.  Questions?  View
the complete status of your account, including check images, online 24/7.  Or call our toll-free number and one of our friendly staff will
help you.

How much does it cost to take checks?

That can be a tough question.  You also may ask, “How does that compare to my expense to take credit and debit cards?".  We can help you answer those important questions with our new Executive Analysis Report (EAR).

This Web-based, interactive program automatically calculates your total cost to take checks as a percentage of sales.  All you need to do is log in, choose the Executive Analysis tab, and enter your total dollars in checks received and any miscellaneous costs related to checking.  The EAR does the rest.  You’ll be amazed when you learn that accepting checks is far more profitable than any other transaction method.

The best Web site in the industry.

Isn't it frustrating to log on to a painfully slow, animated, Web site?  We think so!  That is why our web site is simple, clean, easy-to-follow and full of information about your business.  Easy-to-read reports and graphs show you how we're doing, and if you need to use verification to cut back on closed accounts.  Download any of your information directly into Microsoft Excel®.

Why are we better than the competition?
A proprietary software program identifies those checks with a high probability of being collected the same day we receive them.
An in-house collection technique that most of our competitors don’t use.
Industry insiders have compared our results to competitors who don’t do this and found that our success rate is 25% higher!
Special nation-wide banking arrangements that get the bad checks into our hands 5-7 days sooner than our competitors.
Combine this with our daily fraud alerts, and you can cut off bad check writers a week before any one else!
Our Bank Fee Reduction Program — Plus — drastically cuts your bank bounce fees.