Free Electronic Check Collection

We electronically re-presents your bad checks.  All checks that are received by this office are immediately entered into our proprietary system, one that utilizes a far more intelligent manner of collecting checks than the average collection firm.  There is a systematic
calling of the banks to identify when funds are available for the electronic collection of all NSF checks.  Obviously, checks returned for other reasons cannot be collected electronically. However, in that we function as a consolidator of the best practices in this industry,
we excel at these collections, also.  Utilizing these best practices, the most difficult returned items are sent through a series of collections efforts, all with the intent of this effort becoming sufficiently problematic for the checkwriter, so as to provide adequate incentive for swift and complete payment.

All checks that are deemed uncollectable by electronic means
are sent a final demand notice that includes an image of the check.  Several compelling reasons are given to the checkwriter to incent
their prompt response and numerous methods of payment are made available such that the easiest solution for the checkwriter becomes payment.

Checkwriters who fail to pay from the final demand are then systematically forwarded to and through a series of law firms that specialize in the collection of bounced checks.  While these items typically represent the "bottom of the barrel" with regard to the checks' collectability, we realize positive results 2 to 3 times that of traditional collection recovery efforts.

We endeavor to not only be the provider of the fastest and highest returns on your outstanding bounced check money, we also provide a service that allows you to eliminate your bank bounce fees.  Many merchants now pay from $10-$40 in bank fees each time they receive a returned item.  With checXchange Plus, merchants pay only a $3.00 electronic return fee and their items are received by us up to a week faster than if they were forwarded to us by their bank.  As everyone knows, "time is money" when it comes to collections. Statistically, for every 7 days sooner a check is received its collectability increases by 10%.  We can begin to collect on returned items sooner. This translates to higher ultimate returns for you. 

"Print An Agreement Form"*

* If the agreement form is incomplete it will be returned to you for completion before being entered into the system.

Auto-Recurring Billing

Put your customers' payments on auto-payment by electronically drafting your pre-authorized payments.  By doing so you will realize significant improvement to your overall profitability

By selecting this service you will...

  • improve your overall payments process and realize tremendous efficiencies. You no longer need to manage the mass of manual deposits.  You will only need to revisit this system for exception processing.   
  • be able to facilitate your customer's promise to pay with this automated process.  No longer wait for checks to arrive (or not). Simply sign them up for this automated process and let us make regular, predictable payments a reality for you.  
  • reduce processing costs, increase sales, and provide your customers with a cost-effective alternative to mailing payments or using credit cards.  
  • maximize your profitability with the only totally integrated payments solution in the industry!  With recurring billing, you have the option to have all of your return items automatically transmitted to the premier collection unit at checXchange.   
  • benefit from the comprehensive management tools.
  • utilize the ease of integration between this product and your accounting system.    

Now is the time to automate and accelerate your deposit process.  Contact us today for more information on how we can improve your bottom line!

"Contact me for Agreement Forms"

After faxing your Agreement please
contact me and request your "Recurring Billing
Authorization Form".  Furnish me with your company
name, address and phone number and I will create and
email you a custom authorization form for your customer
to sign giving you permission to debit their accounts.

No Cost, No Headaches... problem!  

Consolidated ExpressReturn

The Food Marketing Institute recently identified checks as the
least expensive method of payment for merchants…even cheaper
than cash!  However, most banks continue to increase the costs incurred by merchants for these returned items.

Do you…

  • Paying your bank a returned item fee of over $3.00 per returned bad check?
  • Want to improve the speed, accuracy, volume of collected checks and lower your bank returned item fee to only $3.00?

If your answers are yes, we have the solution for you!

Just use our specially designed stamp AND…

  • Pay NO High returned check fee to your bank!
  • Your checks will route to us 5 to 7 days sooner!
  • Experience faster notification of activity and realize faster collections!
This endorsement stamp replaces the one you are currently using
for deposits.  Your current bank deposit information remains the same!  Our bank return information is applied at the same time and now any bounced checks will be returned to our bank instead of your bank saving you those high returned item fees.  Your cost is only $3.00 per returned check saving you up to $38.00 or more on each returned item depending on what your bank charges.  Just sign-up for ExpressReturn and use our endorsement stamp.

Just check Yes to ExpressReturn on the application form.
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*FreeNSFRecovery Agreement Form

is a well known collection industry leader providing free check collection service to convenience stores, department stores, grocery stores, hospitals, pizza parlors, book stores, bowling centers, schools, fast food, health clubs, liquor stores, pharmacies, restaurants, bars, dry cleaning, pawn shops, smoke shops and many more merchants.

* If the agreement form is incomplete it will be returned to you for completion before being entered into the system.

*Auto-Recurring Agreement Forms

With Auto-Recurring Billing you set it, forget it
and get your money on-time every time, without
the hassle of invoicing and processing paper checks.  Flexible Payment Scheduling, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly.

The auto-recurring system allows you to:
• Collect from either a checking/savings account.
• Set the electronic invoice and collection date.
• Automatically deposit collected funds in your account.

This enables your business to:
• Save time
• Normalize cash flow
• Increase customer loyalty
• Provide better customer service
• Eliminate collections calls
• Eliminate duplicate data entry
• Reduce invoicing costs by 90%

After faxing your Auto-Recurring Agreement Form please contact me and request your:
"Contact me for Agreement Forms"

Send me your:

Company Name: ____________
Address: ____________
Phone #: ____________

I will then create and email you a custom authorization form for your customer to sign giving you permission to debit their checking or savings account.

* If the agreement form is incomplete it will be returned to you for completion before being entered into the system.