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SIP Did for VoIP

The TAM100-VoIP, T1/E1 VoIP Network/Gateway Analyzer provides VoIP network users and service providers a low cost tool to test, verify and maintain VoIP networks at the WAN interface point for gateways, IP-PBX/switches and medium capacity legacy network terminals.


Our popular VoIP Tracer Pack combined with the SAFIRE Professional development environment; the perfect combination for developing signaling applications, then validating & observing the application signaling together with Internet & VoIP signaling!

  • SAFIRE Professional
  • Internet Protocol Analyzer
  • VoIP Protocol Analyzer

IP DID Delivers Nationwide Numbers Anywhere in the World

IPDID local number service provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for calling card companies, voice messaging / fax service providers, and businesses that require local phone numbers in several calling areas. IPDID local number service also provides a solution for bulk phone numbers in a specific calling area. With over 1,000 rate centers in 43 markets to choose from, IPDID service delivers these features:

DIDX (DIDXChange) is the wholesale solution for buying and selling DID numbers. 

Who is it for ?
ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Providers), CLEC, ILEC, VOIP Service Providers, Calling Card Operators, etc.

DIDX allows ITSP's to be a DIDX Seller and provide numbers from different parts of the world, from their own web sites. DIDX pays when the DID Seller after the DID Buyer buys.

DIDX also provides free of charge billing service to sell DID numbers via the DIDx network to any other ITSP anywhere in the world using SIP or IAX2 protocol.

Once they are sold, the DID's are instantly routed to the customer's SIP address.

Special Offers!...

Interested in a VoIP (SIP/RTP) complete solution (hardware included)?  Then try this feature-rich product bundle!

  • SIP Signaling Tester
  • VoIP Protocol Analyzer
  • SIP Traffic Generator
  • SIP Call Analyzer
  • RTP Traffic Quality Analyzer
  • SAFIRE Professional
  • Smart; 'cube' platform

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