Five Steps to a Successful Business Website

It’s disheartening how many people have come to me, frustrated with tales of months of time wasted and dollars spent to end up with a web site that was very disappointing and yielded no results. Some of these people never got their web sites finished.

Many people contemplating doing a web site for the first time experience a real fear of the unknown. That is a shame. There is a lot of information out there on all hows and whys of doing a web site. 

All available free for the taking (or should I say free for the searching?). The problem is there is very little in the form of, "This is step one, start here. This is step two and this is why", etc. 

To help business owners and organizations overcome this hurdle I have published a 15 page report, "Five Steps to a Successful Website".

What I have done is line out a step-by-step program which will take you from zero to finished website in as little as five days if you can spend two or three hours a day on it – and you can do it on a budget. It can even be done without spending any money at all.

The main reason most websites fail is a lack of planning. 

My report lines out the strategies you need to plan for success from day one, including targeting the audience for your business, content structure, design, and search engine optimization. 

Everything you need to help you build a website that will get you found and yield results!

Even if you plan to hire a professional to help you with your web site this report will save you time and money. 

Because going to a professional with a plan always works better and having a plan will help you make a better choice in hiring a developer or designer.

If you are in business or part of a non-profit organization these days having a web site has gone from being an option to being an absolute necessity. Having a web site for your business or organization will help you -

  • Contact new customers
  • Cultivate customer loyalty
  • Pre qualify customers
  • Enhance your business image
  • Make more money!

Even if you already have a web site this report will help you revamp your web site improve the results you are getting.

The great thing about the web compared to other ways of promoting your business is that it is interactive. You can not only advertise yourself but find out about your prospects and customers. 

Leveraging Social Media with your web site you can develop a relationship with your public, making sure you stay on their radar when they are ready to act.

Start learning today - get yourself on the web by next week!

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