Free Barcode Generator for Excel

There's a lot of barcode stuff out there. It's mostly not free.  Even if you find something that's free, you have to enter each. and. every. inventory. number. into the silly thing to get it all done.  I don't have that time. You don't have that time. So here is a macro-enabled excel spreadsheet and a font.
If you like to click and drag formulas on excel spreadsheets, then you'll fit right in with this!

It's all free. Free to download (cough) and free to use.

Take the pain of slowly entering each item to generate one bar code away. Get your inventory barcoded fast. 

NEW! Print labels from Excel without using Word

Multiple Bar code
  1. Go to my newer site - (I know, I know)
  2. Install the ttf file - this font needs to be used for it to work.
  3. Download and open this excel spread sheet
  4. Enable Macros (don't worry no trickery is involved)
  5. Put your multiple inventory items in the first column
  6. See the Macro change your inventory part to characters necessary for the barcode font in the 2nd Column
  7. See your barcodes in the 3rd Column 

It's all free. Code128 only.

Please consider showing your support by letting me know how you used it.