Emigrant/Immigrant Ships List Notes

                                            Pilgrim Ships Lists early 1600's

The website "Pilgrim Ship Lists Early 1600's" lists Pilgrim Ships and Passengers from the 1600's. It was created by someone named Anne. Since she does not respond to the email addresses listed on her website, I'm not sure what her status is. The following is taken directly from her website:

 "These pages represent literally years of work, endless coffee and fingers worn to the bone. This data base has been compiled simply
in hopes of easing tedious research for other people. If you are thinking of copying an entire shiplist to your own page, please ask first"

Since I'm only providing a link to her website, I guess she won't mind. This is an excellent website with lots of valuable free information.

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              Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

The website "Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild Search" is the ultimate source for finding very early ships passenger information. There is no charge or membership required to view the passenger information. Enter a last name in the search tool located on the upper left side of the page and check the matches carefully. There is a lot of excellent information here. This website could keep you busy for hours.

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Ellis Island 1892 - 1924

The "Ellis Island" website list ships and passengers who arrived between 1892-1924. To use the Ellis Island Website you will
need to create an account. You are not required to give personal information or payment. If you are concerned about giving out
your email address, you can just make one up. There's no verification of the email address you enter. Once you have created
your account, go to the upper left hand side of the page where you will see a "PASSENGER SEARCH TAB". This tab is a drop down menu which has search tools. If this is your first time visiting this site, I suggest you use the "New Search" tab. It requires
less information and is a good place to start. It only has spaces for first name, last name, approximate year of birth and gender.
In a very short time using the "New Search" tool, I was able to locate my father-in-laws aunt and uncle who came from Hungary
in 1913. There is also an advanced search tool which gives you many more options. If a match is found, you will only be able to view the "Passenger Record"  and a small picture of the ship for free.  The rest of the information will cost you. The "Passenger Record" contains a lot of information which will be useful in searching for other family members. There is a lot of interesting information in this website. 

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Castle Garden 1820 - 1892

Before the existence of Ellis Island, immigrants still came to America! They had to land somewhere, and in those long-ago days that place was Castle Garden. It is now a National Monument known as Castle Clinton. It is located in Manhattan's Battery Park, and if your ancestors sailed into New York Harbor any time between 1820 and 1892, this is where they were processed.

The CastleGarden.Org search tool will allow you to search for your family members without charge or membership. Use the link below to enter the search portion of their website.

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