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My hands were rubbing my back and my mind worked at full speed, treacherously the eyes didn't allow me full concentration, because within a few centimeters a couple of fleshy breasts wobbled to a rhythmic swing brought on by the massage with the palms of the hands. It wasn't enough, I needed more.

Well they say that the devil walks loose or what is the exact same; never sleeps. At that moment my mother-in-law told me that although I felt improvement from the massages, the arms continued with restricted mobility and that moving them felt discomfort, better pretext for my needs could not be asked.

"Oh! Then let's work with the arms.

I took his right arm down the forearm with his left hand and lifted him over his head with his elbow bent ebony porn, while his right hand was squeezing biceps and triceps. What a moment! For a moment he neglected and his blouse fell partially leaving for some seconds uncovered his right breast -exuberant and fleshy, a delight. Without neglecting the massages, my eyes didn't detach from the delicious spectacle offered me a couple of centimeters away, organized his right arm and squeezed muscles by imparting a rhythmic wobble.

I noticed that the mother-in-law was trying to find her left breast with her right hand to cover it and I quickly pressed the arm which was within my power and I took her jaw to create the top back firmly - new section of the massage - and triumphantly her left hand seemed forgetting what she was trying to find, her blouse discovered more of her right breast and was able to begin to see the nipple, with the movement seemed such as a breast wobbling due to a heated cough, my prick appeared to burst from how hard it had been and in that I took advantageous asset of it to guide her in the back of the mother-in-law, it had been impossible that she didn't notice my feverish state.

All that fleshy tit at the disposal of my sight! My dick wanting to pierce the mother-in-law's back and her complicity were two delightfully exciting things, the forbidden, the fleshiness, her wobble, the fact that we both behaved as though nothing was happening, everything seemed extremely delicious, before accursed bell rang louder; was the sister of my mother-in-law who came to visit her, that moment she chose.

The aunt came and sat before us to witness the massage, begun to discuss their things and I'd no choice but to complete the session with the necessary muscle softening, my dick was still attached to the back of the mother-in-law and was resisting losing consistency, in that state I really could not finish the massage and introduce myself to the aunt, move my mast from the back until little by little the member was lost within my underwear; I really could feel some moisture in the garment and within my organ, it had been preseminal fluid.

-Ready! You have it for three to four days. "Thank you, I'll cause you to some tea now." -Do not; I'm leaving, I've items to do.

I went to the bathroom to be sure of the state it had been in; the prick wasn't completely flaccid and droplets appeared, hard task to attempt to urinate due to the excitement experienced and the memory within my memory of that monumental right breast, a pleasure that I hoped to enjoy again in a couple of more days.

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