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Free Stuff

The Entropia Universe is free to play, but to do anything you need to deposit... or.....??

There are a lot of things for free in the Entropia Universe.. you just need to know where to look!

What you can do for free:

- pick up free oil at the orthos oil field. There is a line of players, simply qeue and wait for your turn to pick up your free oil barrels (40-60 pecs per 4 minutes). Sometimes you can get killed there.

- pick up free beer kegs at the beer garden on rocktropia. every 30 seconds or so a beer keg worth 1 pec spawns for anyone to pick up. Sometimes you can get killed there.

- pick up oil at the arkadian oilrig. it drops around the same amount as the orthos field, but sometimes it stays dry. the upside is that there is no line, because only a few people are there.

- pick up free oil barrels at the thing oilrig. only one pec per drop, but the rig drops multiple drops.

-collect the free items you get at the different planets.

calypso gateway: a free pistol, a free rifle, a free rocketlauncher, a free valkyrie vehicle, free mining tools and probes

if you do it right you will leave the calypso gateway to enter planet calypso with 2 or more ped of free stuff.

free quests at camp icarus, if you it right you will get a free armour piece and a free knife (bukin's blade)

at half moon bay (the new newbie area), you will also get the knife and other goodies

rocktropia: you get a free noob club, a free rifle+ ammo, lockpicks and a free fap.

rocktropia/the thing: you get free weapons and ammo (rifle and flamethrower), free clothes, a free 4x4 arctic truck and a free arctic combat helicopter ( the thing is currently closed for maintenance)

arkadia: you get a lot of free stuff : see this thread : freebies Arkadia

next island: you get free clothes (scuba suit), a free pistol, free scanner, free mining tools, some free resources

next island/ancient greece: you get free clothes (greek clothes) and a free repairable sword.

planet toulan: you get a free healing tool and a free pistol + ammo

monria: you will receive some mining gear and some free ammo

-You can find fruit, and stones and sell them to other players for markup. There is a detailed list of fruitspawnlocations here:


How to find fruit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5ZqR3aXm64

- Do the missions:  you will find a mission brokers everywhere in the game. Some missions require a weapon or ped to complete, but there are a lot of free missions too.. see Free missions to the left.

Doing all the missions will give you a nice ped buffer, if you decide to sell the mission tokens for example.

- Find all the teleporters so you can easily get around the planet (this will take you hours of exploring the unique landscape of entropia.  Watch the youtube here (in hd) and see how good it actually looks now 


- jump off an 800 m cliff.. check it out in the vid above., great fun!

if you dont like running alone, go here:


go find a mountain - Athena Space Port is always fun - and lay down, and watch your avatar roll down the hill. Get a group of friends together and see who can roll the furtherest without stopping. 

- go and "skill up" on evade by starting mob trains... Try to get the trains close to the revive, but still far enough out that the turrets don't kill any mobs - now go die, run out there, die, and do it all over again and again to build up your skills. .

- go check out the malls (windowshopping) 



and in full hd:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtDrbBaoMAM

- read guides to enhance your knowledge and avoid mistakes (check out guides to the left)

- create an account on entropiaforum, post your threads there, earn calypsoforumdollars on the forum, convert them to ped and buy ammo or a weapon

- there are also free events, you can find them on the entropia forums, entropiaforum.com or entropiaplanets.com

for example the march on troy: http://www.entropiaforum.com/forums/events/173236-march-troy-new-beginning.html

or the swunt marathon: http://www.entropiaforum.com/forums/event-promotion/183562-swunt-marathon-great-event-no-tickets-needed-so-free.html

or the pick up free weapons events: http://www.entropiaforum.com/forums/event-promotion/181856-50-free-opalos-1-free-opalo-sga-30-ped-ammo.html

- create a society and gather other new players and become a close network of virtual friends

- with your new society of say 40 ish people create 3 teams of 12 ppl. first group lures a large herde of uber mobs to the rig,they all die, including the pk'ing people there, second group lure the herde of mobs out again, third group try to get the oil. The oilrig spawns barrels of oil every 15 minutes. I did get oil using this exact method, although I must say it was a different rig in project entropia in 2005  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTsn36NNqIw

-oww I forgot,, besides all that you can also sweat animals and sell the sweat to other players..

how to sweat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya5h6QhJiuU


- and finally there's a new site where you can earn ped by doing tasks..
 a review can be found here: Entropiapartners

Good luck!