Welcome to my website

I am a passionate of IT, Telecommunications and computer graphics. This site is dedicated to 3D arts that I spent years to learn as a self-taught. I mainly used 3ds max software. 


Actually, it has been a while that do not work on 3D because it is time consuming and I’m too busy focusing on IT, Telecommunications and other things. The purpose of this site is to share my works with whoever interested instead of keeping them in my hard disk for nothing. 


My works are not of Pixar or Dreamworks quality, but they may be helpful for beginners, students and even for some professional projects.   

You can find in this site models and animation scenes created with standard 3dsmax features. The models I give away are non collapsed versions, this means they are provided with editable modifiers stacks. This makes them easier to modify if you want to.   


Note that for any model or 3d animation download available in this site, the associated 3D studio Max file comes only with texturing bitmaps I created myself (mainly with Photoshop), some of the missing textures can be found in 3ds Max package, however It’s up to you to use textures of your choice.


You can view a short video of each animation to see the result you can get when you render the scenes, however the rendering process may require some extra work briefly explained in the relevant pages of this site.  

The works I give away can of course be improved, but they are a hard work achievement. Yes! learning 3D is not a matter of weeks or months, but years of practise especially if you try to master several softwares and different aspects of 3d (Animating, modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging etc.).     

I hope you will enjoy this site and find its contents helpful. 



Use the 3D Studio Max files at your own risk

I provide neither warranty nor support (too busy)

The only way to figure out how I created the scenes is to explore the 3D Studio Max files yourselves (modifier stacks, track views etc.)