Other Projects

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Here are some links to Phr00t's biggest projects:

3089 - The smooth & advanced upcoming sequel to 3079!
Gentrieve 2 - A 3D Metroid Prime-like game with randomly generated worlds, puzzles, enemies & more!
3079 - A futuristic, open-world action RPG (like Minecraft & Fallout mixed together)

Wand Duel - Turn your Android phone into a powerful wand and duel a friend!
DroidCraft - A Minecraft-like Android game where you dig, build and fight to survive!
DroidDash - A "Sonic the Hedgehog"-like game that supports custom levels for Android
Gentrieve - A "Super Metroid"-like game where areas are automatically and uniquely generated.
GPS Onslaught - A multiplayer, GPS-enabled Android game
3059 - The original rogue-like game that inspired 3069
FreeUniverse - Open-ended space simulator/action game also inspired by 3059
Powered Paragliding Weather Predictor (Discontinued) - Helps predict a good time to go flying with your PPG unit
MTG Deck Generator - A tool for generating random Magic: The Gathering decks.