v3D.4 (super-powers)
* Now you can start a new player with preset super-powers (just for fun). Includes "Predator", "Alien", "Hulk" and "Nightcrawler"
* Fixed homing projectiles problems

v3D.3 (gameplay tweaks)
* Put a rate limit on stealing -- no longer can steal infinitely fast
* Poison damage has increased
* "Black Evil" (end game monster) can now always see you (unless invisible), and will find you ;-)

v3D.2 (bug fixes)
* Added a texture for virus containers / weapon stashes etc. (job "cell" targets)
* Fixed a few bugs specific to "cell" jobs (e.g. target cell not being generated or named correctly on the Job tab)
* Fixed a bug that caused a new player to not be placed in the center of the town
* Fixed a bug that caused incorrect lighting for newly destroyed terrain
* Made a few small changes that should improve stability (hopefully no more unexpected crashes while changing zones!)

v3D.1 (auto-save)
* Now automatically saves your game before entering a new zone (protection against rare crashes or system failures)

v3D.0.1 (crash hotfix for international systems)
* Fixed a bug that caused incorrect prices and crashes on systems using different decimal separators

v3D.0 (3D and much more)
* Complete graphics overhaul, now using Ogre3D for full 3D rendering
* Tons of bug fixes and game improvements to count or list
* More sound effects

v2.8.2 (bribing and bug fixes)
* You can now bribe zones into being non-aggressive (read Faction section in Help)
* Changed the main menu's graphics to better suit the game
* BALANCING: Game difficulty settings are slightly more pronounced
* BUG FIXED: Earth Crystal directions were not always accurate when completing a job
* BUG FIXED: Job target description wouldn't load correctly in all situations
* BUG FIXED: Projectiles would "hit" zone edges, making it impossible to shoot on the edges of zones
* BUG REALLY FIXED: Healing ETUs were still being labeled bad/mixed when randomly placed in a zone (not a store)

v2.7 (game statistics)
* Added real-time and detailed game statistics (number of kills etc.) -- need to start a new player with this version to use
* Removed the title bar icons on the windows
* BUG FIXED: Item count was displayed improperly when also using ETUs on yourself

v2.6 (bug fixes)
* BUG FIXED: Message window would not dock reliably
* BUG FIXED: Job items would be placed in your inventory, when they should be in someone else's
* BUG FIXED: Crash when hitting "cancel" on the "Set Turn Rate" option
* BUG FIXED: Attacking enemies would generate a "Skill Failed" sound when failing to destroy an object
* BUG FIXED: "Last Town" locator position now more accurately tracked

v2.5 (sound effects and balancing)
* Sound effects! You can change the sound effects by replacing the .WAV files in the /sounds directory
* BALANCING: Reduced the rate at which stamina increases
* BALANCING: Reduced the stamina / strength increase when mining / destroying terrain
* BALANCING: ETUs no longer can have a "Health Rate" effect, unless they are a Healing ETU
* BALANCING: Significantly reduced the buy-back on items (it was too easy to make a fortune by mass-killing)
* BALANCING: Reduced the rate of resistance increases from soaking in elemental liquids

* Added a "Game Difficulty" option when creating a new player (v2.0 players will have "Normal" difficulty)
* Now actually stealing items from towns cause aggression, not the act of picklocking
* Lights will no longer be generated on zone edges
* BALANCING: reduced the cost of shot reflection and see invisibility properties
* BALANCING: Keys now are not worth anything alone -- they are for unlocking, not reselling
* BUG FIXED: Supporters had trouble going into the next zone with you in tight spaces
* BUG FIXED: "Bad" healing ETUs were placed in zones that weren't really bad
* BUG FIXED: Stamina wasn't increasing as expected when taking damage
* BUG FIXED: You could keep targets selected that had been killed and removed from the game

v2.0 (Major Release):
* Many graphical improvements and additions, including particle effects, lighting, texturing and anti-aliasing
* Torches and orbs glow light, and you can now sneak in the shadows at night
* Night options (e.g. always/never/cycle nighttime)
* New "protect item" job -- everyone is after you, can you survive?
* Changed the storyline to more accurately portray my original intention
* Strong attackers can now destroy trees and walls to get to you!
* Now your player slides along walls to make moving in tight quarters easier
* Increased the size of Information Window
* Now the Earth's Crystal's direction will be revealed at the completion of every job
* Item's tab will now be properly named "Store" or "Pile", depending on what you are looking at
* Item's tab now displays number of items listed
* Added an option on the game's menu to show/hide the messages window
* Now every zone that could have a cave entrance, does
* Labels now exist for common armor types listed on the Item's tab
* Now the last window position is saved and restored upon restarting 3069
* BALANCING: Slightly reduced the sell-back rate on items
* BALANCING: Programming is now more difficult to accomplish successfully
* BUG FIXED: Messages being lost when closing the messages window
* BUG FIXED: Killing/damaging yourself in a liquid caused faction changes
* BUG FIXED: Could not teleport into liquids
* BUG FIXED: Could walk through walls/trees next to liquids
* BUG FIXED: Jobs had level 0 targets
* BUG FIXED: You could not destroy terrain job targets in a town
* BUG FIXED: Target was not refreshed when dropping an item
* BUG FIXED: Invisibility was unreliable when attacking a friendly target
* BUG FIXED: Could not pickup items that were on a just destroyed/mined target
* BUG FIXED: Job item was not detected as a job item if you were holding it when reloading 3069
* BUG FIXED: Some mixed ETU's recharge cost were negative
* BUG FIXED: Cave passages were being replaced by ruins and floors
* BUG FIXED: Liquids were being generated and spread on zone borders without slowing effects

* Added to the documentation (e.g. factions)
* Added 2 more graphics
* Now pressing "M" (or clicking the messages area) will try and dock the messages window when it is open
* Day & night durations have been increased
* Locator's background is now dark gray (instead of black) -- good for underground locator use
* Fixed a bug that caused newly programmed FPGAs to not show

* Fixed a crash when trying to build things without a proper selection.
* Made the Information Window taller -- allows for more information to be displayed without scrolling.
* The Messages window is now easier to read (changed colors).
* "Show Information Window" option has been renamed to "Dock Information Window".
* Mining is slightly less lucrative.
* Improved the mining messages.
* Improved the "you have reached your item carrying capacity" messages.
* Added a line in the documentation about using the Locator to find your dead body (and loot).

* Fixed the "Out of memory" exception. This was caused by the "thumbs.db" (or other non-image) trying to be opened. Now only PNGs are recognized (as now stated in the documentation).
* If you try to create a player with the same name as a previous one, you will be asked if you want to replace the old player.
* A link to this site has been placed on the opening form.
* Fixed a bug that caused the level to not be displayed properly on a terrain cell.
* You now need a high enough level floor to support higher-level healing pods and laser traps.
* Reduced the price of the "homing shot" property.
* Fixed a bug that caused your item selection to stray.
* Now purchasing an item won't reset the item selection to the top.
* You can now sell construction items correctly (but they cannot be destroyed).
* Jobs to kill people/monsters now say "Kill" instead of "Destroy".
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to build on zone edges.
* Small improvements to the way effect descriptions are displayed (might not be so jumpy).


First public release.